Bouncing baby inspires jumping dog

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Dakota the dog appears to be jumping on the shadow of baby Alexis




Odd news from around the world

Men who have a boring but conscientious wife are better at work, get more promotions and are happier in their jobs: “Men who marry a dependable woman earn more in their career than those have a passionate but unstable other half, research has found. Those who choose a conscientious spouse don’t have to worry about running the home and can focus on their office life. They also perform better at work, get more promotions, and are happier at their jobs. The result also applies if the sexes are reversed – women who choose reliable men see improvements in their work life. The team from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri analysed data gathered from an an annual Australian survey about economic and social information. The data covered 4,544 married individuals from 2005 to 2009 covering things like job status. It also looked at a number of personality traits such as extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and openness. Employees with extremely conscientious spouses were 50 per cent more likely to get promoted than those whose partners were unreliable.”

One of Britain’s oldest cinemas forced to replace its seats for the first time in 100 years – because expanding British bottoms no longer fit them: “One of the country’s oldest cinemas has been forced to replace all its seats for the first time almost 100 years – because British bottoms keep getting bigger. Malvern Cinema in Worcestershire has removed all of its 17in-wide seats to as customers can no longer squeeze into the older model. The historic cinema, which has welcomed Elgar,George Bernard Shaw and CS Lewis in the past, has been forced to reduce its 380 capacity by 40 because of the change. ‘It’s a fact that our hips are getting slightly wider so we have had to act to making it a more comfortable experience for cinema-goers,’ Nic Lloyd, chief executive of Malvern Theatres, said. ‘We haven’t had anyone get stuck but we know it can happen and we’re aware of the changes that have been made to things like aeroplane seats. ‘We did quite a bit of research and looked at what other cinemas had done and these new ones are the standard size in cinemas now.”

Koala ‘arrested’ by Australian cops: “A koala causing havoc on a Sydney road has been ‘arrested’ and placed in a paddy wagon by police. Officers from the New South Wales Police Dog Unit posted the adorable photos of the tiny criminal on their Facebook page. The koala was spotted running in and out of traffic in Campbelltown, in south-west Sydney, at about 2am on Sunday morning by Senior Constable Barry. Inspector Adam Johnson, commander of the NSW Dog Unit, said one of his officers was out patrolling with his two dogs when he spotted the koala on the road. ‘If he hadn’t have jumped out and grabbed it the koala probably would have been run over,’ Mr Johnson said. ‘He called for one of the local units to come down and they put the koala in the back cage just while they contacted the RSPCA to check what to do.

Bungling British guards forced to spend £500,000 changing ALL the locks at prison after they lost the keys: “Security company G4S were forced to spend almost half a million pounds changing all of the locks at a prison they were contracted to run – after blundering guards lost the keys. The firm has to replace every lock and key at HMP Birmingham, known as Winson Green jail, when the set of keys vanished in October 2011 – costing £499,000. The embarrassing blunder came just days after G4S took over the management of the prison – with 1,400 bring confined to their cells while the premises was searched. A source told the Sunday People that the jail has been in a state of chaos ever since. He said: ‘There are staff shortages and inmates have been pushing their luck.’ West Midlands Police arrested a man in his 30s over the lost keys but no charges were pursued. The gaffe is just one in a series of embarrassments for the company – who had to pay out £70million after failing to provide enough guards for the London Olympics. Figures from Prisons minister Andrew Selous show that keys have been lost 237 times at jails since 2010, costing taxpayers £493,161.”

Old lady loses 56lb by playing her ukulele: “A pensioner has been quite literally strumming the pounds away thanks to her unique method of dieting. Dorothy Rogan, from Darlington, has helped herself lose 4st by picking up her ukulele to stave off temptation by playing ‘Oh My Darling Clementine’. ‘I must have played that song over a million times,’ said Mrs Rogan. ‘It is the only one I know and I just play it over and over again when I am bored. I don’t ever crave food but when I am bored, I just seemed to eat. Playing the ukulele has really defeated the boredom but it has driven my husband to despair. ‘I even continue playing it when it out of tune and it sounds absolutely dreadful. John will just come in and look at me and shake his head. We all call him ‘Poor John’ now’ Mrs Rogan, who decided to lose weight after undergoing a quadruple heart bypass last year, has managed to drop from 18st 7lb to under 14st [190 lb] and intends to keep losing the pounds.

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