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Odd news from around the world

Brutish British private bureaucracy: “Keith Stoner returned to his Sussex apartment to find bailiffs had forced entry, – because the previous tenant owed Scottish Power £1,000. The bailiffs, sent on behalf of Scottish Power, had broken the letterbox, pulled the washing machine out of its place in order to gain access to the meter, and left muddy footprints all over the floor. “It looked as though I had been burgled,” Mr Stoner said. The bailifs were sent to change the meters in the flat to “pay-as-you-go” in order to recoup some of the £1,000 owed to them by the previous tenant. “The bailiffs walked over letters addressed to me when they entered so it doesn’t take Poirot to realise the occupant had changed.” On top of the intrustion, when Mr Stoner called Scottish Power to complain, he said the person on the line “seemed not to care” and he was told his complaint could take up to 10 days to acknowledge.”

Horse brought to hospital to say goodbye to its dying owner: “A dying grandmother was granted a final wish of seeing her favourite horse one last time – after the animal was brought to visit her in her hospital bed. Sheila Marsh, a 77-year-old grandmother-of-four, passed away from cancer just hours after the horse, named Bronwen, was brought to see her at Wigan Royal Infirmary. Mrs Marsh, who had raised the horse over 25 years since it was a foal, was wheeled outside the hospital for the meeting. Their last encounter was captured in a moving photograph that shows the horse nuzzling up against her. “Sheila gently called to Bronwen and the horse bent down tenderly and kissed her on the cheek as they said their last goodbyes.” Mrs Marsh, who lived in Bickershaw, Wigan, had a life-long affiliation with horses and used to work at Haydock Park Racecourse. Her daughter Tina, 33, said: “She loved her horses and she loved and adored all animals. She had six horses, three dogs, three cats and other animals. “Her condition did not get any better and the hospital allowed us to bring Bronwen in.”

Bungling British cops use ‘hot chilli’ riot spray on four-year-olds: “Children as young as four were accidentally sprayed with hot chilli riot spray by police during a school visit. Officers from Gwent Police visited Gilfach Fargoed primary school, in Bargoed, Caerphilly county, and gave a lesson on equipment used by the force on Wednesday. But instead of demonstrating a mock PAVA spray, which replaced CS spray, officers discharged a real canister causing panic among the infants. The spray, used on eight pupils aged four and five, causes the eyes to close and is extremely painful. None of the children needed hospital treatment, said the force, which has apologised for the error. PAVA (pelargonic acid vanillylamide) replaced CS spray because it was said to be safer and more effective when restraining suspects. It is claimed it is less likely to contaminate officers or bystanders.”

Britain can afford a great army of bureaucrats but can’t afford to fix millions of potholes in its roads: “Olympic cyclist Dani King is in hospital after puncturing a lung in a crash caused by a pothole. The 23-year-old gold medallist was riding near her home in Cardiff. One of her team went down after hitting the water-filled pothole, bringing down a number of others including Miss King, who won team pursuit gold at the London Olympics in 2012. She suffered a collapsed lung and five broken ribs. Her agent Steve Fry said she was in a ‘fair bit of pain’ and called on authorities to improve roads. ‘There was a puddle across the full width of the road, it was one of those freak things that in the middle of that puddle was a hole. It’s time local authorities started spending more money on repairing roads to ensure things like this don’t keep happening. We’d like to see £10 per head of population spent on . . . maintenance of paths and roads.’

Italian love of colour not popular in Scotland: “A family who spent £3,000 painting their waterfront house bright yellow have blasted council bosses who told them they would have to change the colour. Stefano Varese, 41, and his elder brother Eduardo, 43, have branded the decision by planners ‘absurd’ and vowed to fight the move. Council officials say the house is ‘an intrusive feature within the streetscape’ and not in-keeping with the area/ Mr Varese, who has lived at the four-storey property with his parents Adriano, 79, and Edilia, 80, since 1985, said he would appeal the decision. He pointed out the house has been painted white, cream, pink, blue and turquoise in the past without any issues. He said: ‘I find it absurd and crazy that it was turned down, especially as there were 31 people in support of the house and only five objections. ‘My immediate neighbours are also supportive so I’m genuinely surprised. His elder brother added: ‘We have been left shocked by this and plan to fight it.”

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