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Odd news from around the world

Mob stone to death suspected terrorist then burn his corpse and EAT him: “A mob stoned to death a suspected terrorist before burning his corpse and eating him in revenge for a series of attacks in Congo that have left 100 people dead. Witnesses said the young man, who has not been identified, aroused suspicion on a bus in the north east of the country when passengers discovered he could not speak the local Swahili language and that he was carrying a machete. Witnesses said he was then stoned to death by the crowd before his body was burned and eaten. The incident in the town of Beni comes following a number of overnight raids in the area blamed on the Islamist group ADF-NALU. The Ugandan rebels are thought to have massacred more than 100 people this month, using hachets and machetes to kill their victims. Speaking from the town of Beni, Congo’s President Joseph Kabila said the ADF-NALU militants would face the same fate as the rebel movement M23, which was defeated by a UN-backed government offensive last year. ADF-NALU is an alliance of groups opposed to the Ugandan government that has operated from bases in neighboring Congo since the mid-2000s.

Mystery of Jordan’s Big Circles: Ancient stone rings in the desert: “Scattered across Jordan are 12 giant circular structures that can only be fully seen using aerial and satellite images. Known collectively as the Big Circles, the vast rings – which range from between 720ft and 1,490ft (220 metres to 455 metres) in diameter – were first spotted from the air in the 1920s, and surveys in 1930, 1953 and 2002 have since revealed more details about their size, shape and locations. But now archaeologists from Western Australia have documented the 12 Jordanian, and more recent Syrian, circles in a bid to bring them to more people’s attention and learn more about their purpose. A total of eight big circles have been recorded in west central Jordan, between the Wadi el-Hasa and the edge of the Shara escarpment. There is also a second group, made of four Big Circles, just north of Azraq Oasis. ‘The landscape of the Middle East is thickly strewn with circular or sub-circular stone-built structures’, explained lead researcher Professor David Kennedy. He continued that construction is simple, and typically consists of low walls of uncut boulders.”

Young girl had to be ‘exorcised of an evil demon’ after visiting haunted ‘portal to Hell’ house: “The family of a young girl have claimed she had to be exorcised of an evil demon after visiting a haunted house owned by ‘Ghost Adventures’ host Zak Bagans. The unnamed youngster apparently became ‘possessed’ by a malevolent spirit inside the home in Gary, Indiana, once described as a ‘portal to Hell’. The possession allegedly occurred during filming of Bagans’ latest documentary for which he asked former residents of the property to retrace their footsteps through the haunted building. The mother claimed she felt a kick in the leg when nobody was in the room before her daughter, a few weeks later, began having ‘violent outbursts’. Bagans said the possession was so severe that he decided to put filming of the show on hold while he took the girl to see a Catholic priest to rid her of the curse. Bagans filmed the exorcism on camera. He claims the priest indeed managed to banish the demon from the girl’s body and that she has since recovered. He plans to return to filming in December, said the website.

No nonsense in China: “China today executed a man who killed a two-year-old girl by throwing her on the ground following a row with her mother over a parking space. Han Lei was sentenced to death in September after the incident in which he confronted the child’s mother in a car park in Beijing, claiming her shopping trolley was in his way. During the altercation in July, he beat the woman to the ground, snatched the child from her buggy and raised her above his head before throwing her to the ground. He and a friend in the vehicle then drove away. The toddler died two days later of her injuries, provoking widespread public outrage. Han was sentenced to death two months after the incident. He appealed against the penalty without success. He had claimed to have been drunk and told Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court during his trial he believed he was only throwing a trolley to the ground. But China’s Supreme Court approved the sentence and he was executed on Friday, the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court said on a verified microblog account. Han was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 for stealing a car but was released 2012 after the sentence was commuted, the reports said.”

Red chalk self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci said to have mystical powers and hidden from Hitler during World War II: “The only existing self-portrait by Italian master Leonardo da Vinci is to make a rare appearance in a new exhibition in Turin in northern Italy, organisers said Tuesday. The fragile and fading chalk sketch, which has only been put on show for the public three times in the last century, will be displayed for two and a half months as part of ‘Leonardo and the treasures of the king’, which opens on Thursday at the in the Royal Library in Turin. Italian lore has it that the gaze of Leonardo is so intense that those who view it become stronger as a result. There are rumours that this supernatural quality was why it was moved to Rome in the Second World war – in an effort to stop Hitler using it to gain even greater power.”

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