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Odd news from around the world

Chinese carpenter makes car out of wood: “You probably twigged straight away that this is a car made out of wood. It’s being driven in Shenyang, Liaoning province in China, by its maker – carpenter Liu Fulong. The 48-year-old branched out and spent three months on the wooden-electric car. Mr Fulong has no formal training in car design and gave up on education after primary school, but still had the skill to build a car that can reach almost 20mph when fully charged. The sudden appearance of the car on the open road evidently caused some amusement, with one driver smirking as Mr Fulong trundles along. The car has wing mirrors, a horn, indicators and, of course, headlights to illuminate the road ahead.

Harley hearse: “Bereaved bikers in Virginia can now order a Harley Davidson hearse to bear their deceased loved ones. Funeral home owner Michael Turch rolled out the venture at his three funeral homes to give citizens of Alexandria and Dale City, Virginia, a more unique option. And with two services in the first week, the custom-built 2014 Harley Davidson Road King is already a hit. ‘When I pull in the parking lot, people will literally turn around and drive into our parking lot and take pictures,’ Turch told ABC News. ‘I’ve been here 24 years and no one has ever stopped me with any of my other hearses and said, “Hey, when I go, I want to ride in this.”‘ The first time it was used, last week, was for a woman who had never ridden a Harley in her life but her family felt it would be a memorable way to say goodbye, Turch explained. The second was for a Harley Davidson mechanic. ‘His family just thought it would be perfect,’ he said.

Bionic boots let you run as fast as a CAR: Springy shoes mimic ostrich’s gait: “With their wide, springy gait, ostriches can reach speeds of 40mph (70 km/h), covering up to 16ft (5 metres) in a single stride. As a child, Keahi Seymour was fascinated by what appeared to be the effortless speed and agility of these creatures, making them the fastest running birds on the planet. Now the San Francisco-based inventor has created a prototype gadget that he claims will allow humans to experience what it’s like to reach these incredible speeds. Dubbed the ‘Bionic Boot’, the shoes have springs on the back designed to imitate the Achilles tendon of an ostrich or kangaroo, giving the wearer more down force when running. Mr Seymour has been working on the boots for several years, and has already produced dozens of prototypes.

How one of the most dangerous tunnels in the world was carved by just 13 villagers in remote China: “Entirely built by village locals, this is the incredible Guoliang Tunnel, carved into China’s Taihang Mountains. The tunnel, used by foot passengers as well as transport, links Guoliang with the outside world, yet just over forty years ago, things were very different. Before 1972 a path chiselled into the rock used to be the only access. The stairs were very dangerous because they were steep, narrow and had no handrails. Then the villagers decided to dig a tunnel through the rocky cliff. Led by Shen Mingxin, head of the village, they sold goats and herbs to buy hammers and steel tools. Thirteen villagers worked on the project and it took them five years to finish the 1,200-metre-long tunnel, which is about five metres high and four metres wide. It was made to be wide enough to be driven along, during which time they used up more than 12 tons of drill rods and 4,000 hammers. Views from the mountain tunnel are spectacular, and are worth the driving risks. On May 1, 1977, the tunnel was opened to traffic. The wall of the tunnel is uneven and there are more than 30 ‘windows’ of different sizes and shapes. Some windows are round and some are square, and they range from dozens of meters long to standard-window-size.”

Britain’s pansy postmen again: “Royal Mail were blasted today after they banned deliveries to more than 100 residents on a street following health and safety fears – over wonky paving slabs. Residents on the Victorian estate in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, are now forced to make a four-mile round trip collect their letters and parcels from a central depot. Royal Mail postmen are refusing to deliver to The Villas after it became a no-go zone due to ‘a number of incidents involving colleagues falling and slipping’. Yesterday home-owners on the road, which is not council-maintained as it is privately run by the residents’ association, said their mail had been delivered without a problem for 150 years and slammed Royal Mail for not giving them any warning. The estate’s residents’ association has asked Royal Mail to identify which areas need repairing but say it would cost tens of thousands of pounds to tarmac the entire stretch. Elderly resident Alfred Poole, 79, branded the move ‘barmy’. He said: ‘Its health and safety gone mad. I’m an old man and if I can manage the paving slabs, I’m sure the postman can.’ A total of 40 households and over 100 residents have been affected by the ban.”

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