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Odd news from around the world

British supermarket offers ‘free erections’ on sign: “A supermarket is offering shoppers “free erections” after a sign was wrongly translated into Welsh. The sign on a cash machine at the Tesco store should read “arian am ddim” which means free money. But the supermarket blundered by saying “codiad am ddim”, meaning free erections. The error was seen by Ceredig Davies, a Welsh speaking Aberystwyth councillor, who said: “There were a few titters in the town so I went down to have a look myself. “Ten out of ten to Tesco for considering the Welsh language. “But perhaps they should have had it checked by an actual Welsh speaker before putting the signs on the machines. Garin Fitter, 18, whose girlfriend works at the new store, said: “I am not sure how they came up with because anyone with a basic understanding of Welsh would know it is the wrong word. “They must have used Google translate.”

This customer REALLY likes fish: “This sea lion is one of the regulars at a fishery as she stands on her flippers patiently queuing up for her fish supper. The cheeky mammal made her way from the sea to the fish stall and waited for her turn for an hour. After being given scraps of fish by the generous fishmonger, the sea lion made her way back to the sea. These heart-warming pictures were taken by photographer Kristhian Castro, during a visit to Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador. The 38-year-old Colombian took the fishy photographs at a port a herring’s throw from the sea. Mr Castro said: ‘The sea lion is looking for fish scraps left over from the filleting process which is usually found in the fishing port. ‘The sea lion was standing for about an hour. It took several fish scraps and later jumped back into the sea. ‘The fishing stall is close to the sea, just 2½ metres away, and there is a raised platform 1½ metres above the surface of the water.”

The PUNCTURE-PROOF bike tyre: Solid wheel contains no air and can ride over nails and even shattered glass: “It’s the bane of cyclists around the world, but now the hassle of a puncture could be about to become history. A bike tyre that never gets a puncture because it is devoid of air is to go on sale. The solid tyres, which weigh the same as a normal tyre, still work after running over nails and shards of glass. They are made from nanofoam, an ultra-light polymer that absorbs the piercing and impact of sharp objects, and has a constant pressure. The weight of the tyres, made by company Tannus, is 0.95lbs (430g) which is 0.01lbs (5g) less than a traditional tyre and inner tube. Made of Nanofoam, it is a similar technology to that used in lightweight trainers. They contain no rubber, but have a similar flexibility and are 100 per cent puncture resistant, according to the company. They fit all bikes with common clincher wheels including folding bikes and regular road bikes, and come in a range of sizes from children to adults. The tyres also have a lifespan of 6,000 miles (9,650km), but the company adds that skidding on the tyres would void the warranty as they are not built for it.”

The world’s most expensive toothbrush: “If you’ve ever dreamt of brushing your teeth with a gold toothbrush, a titanium toothbrush is probably the next best thing. Retailing for $US4200 ($4800), the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush is the most expensive toothbrush on earth. And it’s not even electric. So what makes it so special? The company claims that its design, durability, and specially trademarked anti-bacterial coating make it worth the hefty price tag. This is not the type of toothbrush you would throw away, either. Instead, the bristle head detaches from the metal base so you can ditch it and replace it. The brush comes with a free three-year service plan of new bristle heads every six months (a service that is “naturally at no charge,” according to the website). After that, Forbes reports that the plans get a bit more expensive: $US400 for five years, $US800 for seven years, or $US1600 for 11 years. All for a toothbrush.”

Baker sells mis-shaped Peppa Pig biscuits which make beloved children’s character look like a penis: “They are Peppa Pig biscuits that should probably come with a XXX rating. A bakery obviously saw the chance to jump on the bandwagon and dished up the treats for sale on its shelves to catch the eye of passing kids. But the snacks that came out of the oven, complete with a drooping pink nose, beady eyes and a beaming smile, might be considered unsuitable for children. Twitter users this evening gave a mixed reaction over the design of the treats. Steve Deal @stephenddeal wrote: ‘These Peppa Pig biscuits are perhaps best not given to the children.’ Another, Ciara Curran @CiaraOnly1, wondered: ‘Are these the worst Peppa Pig biscuits ever made?’

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