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Odd news from around the world

An innocent question that turned sour: “Connecticut mum Rebecca Denham and her four-year-old son Justin found themselves in a child-induced embarrassing moments when Justin asked a lady at the local doughnut shop whether there was a baby in her tummy. There was not. The woman laughed it off, and Rebecca apologised profusely, thinking this would be the end of the matter. It wasn’t. The next day, Rebecca and Jonathan were banned from entering the store. “We were screamed at in front of the door, ‘He’s not allowed in here, he’s rude,’” Denham told a local news station. While the doughnut shop in question has not yet commented on the situation (as such, we’ve only got Rebecca’s word to go on) it would seem an over-the-top reaction to a situation in which an innocent child was simply asking a question. [The offended woman must have been overweight]

Handmade hero: “There are people who love what they do, and then there’s Geoff Hannah. Leaving school at 14 to pursue a cabinetmaking apprenticeship with Brown and Jolly, at the time one of Australia’s largest home furniture stores, Geoff’s work was never just about creating something functional – he wanted to create something beautiful as well. Yet ‘beautiful’ doesn’t even begin to describe Geoff’s latest piece – an intricate cabinet worth $1.5 million (yep, $1.5 million) and featuring 140 handmade drawers, using 34 different types of timber, with artwork, engravings and precious stones inlaid. The Hannah Cabinet, as it has come to be known, features such an intricate design that there are sections only Geoff himself can access, because he has created unique locking devices. One such section, at the very core of the intricate piece, features woven material from Marie Antoinette’s bed. For Geoff, creating the cabinet was a labour of love in every way, taking him over six years to complete. One of his earlier pieces, the ‘Australiana’ cabinet, sold to a private art collector in Belgium for a cool $500,000.”

Famous Japanese violin teacher was a fraud: “A legendary music teacher behind a world-renowned method has been accused of being a fraud and lying about befriending Albert Einstein. Shinichi Suzuki, founder of the Suzuki method which has been used by millions, claimed he spent eight years studying in Germany and cited Einstein as his ‘guardian’. It has now emerged that the Japanese musician was rejected from the prestigious Berlin music school at auditions, and only met Einstein once to sell him a violin. The Suzuki method has taught millions of children since it was launched by the Japanese violinist in the late 1950s. It sees children start playing an instrument as young as possible, preferably around the age of three, and learn by playing the same short pieces repeatedly from memory. To back up his credibility as a teacher Suzuki, who died in 1998 at the age of 99, claimed he spent eight years as a private student of Karl Klinger, a leading violinist and professor at Berlin Hochshule, in the 1920s, during which time he says he befriended Einstein. However a number of critics are now presenting evidence that Suzuki lied”

Princess Anne arrives in South Pacific island where tribesmen worship Prince Philip: “Princes William and Harry may have become the poster boys of the Royal family but it’s their grandfather who is considered a God in a remote South Pacific island. Prince Philip is worshipped in the tiny village of Vanuatu, where villagers believe the Queen’s 93-year-old husband descended from their spirit ancestors. Villagers created the theory after meeting the Duke of Edinburgh on his visit there back in 1974 and this weekend saw Prince Philip’s daughter, Princess Anne, return to Vanuatu. The 64-year-old Princess Royal, who was also on the trip forty years ago, yesterday landed in Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila, where she will be spending five days working. He may not have ventured back to the island, which is 9,834 miles from London, but Prince Philip regularly sends letters and pictures to the tribesmen. He even wrote a letter of condolence in 2009 when the tribe’s leader, Chief Jack Naiva, passed away.”

Ebola boosts sales of iPhone game which makes players wipe out humanity with a deadly virus: “Sales of a smartphone game whose goal is to wipe out the human race with a deadly disease have shot up as Ebola dominates global headlines. Users’ morbid fascination with the outbreak gained Plague Inc almost a million extra players in two weeks – a period which saw the death toll pass 4,000 and new infections in the U.S. and Spain. The goal of the app is to ‘bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global plague’, and users – many of whom are naming their pathogen after the pandemic – receive ‘victory’ messages when they win. Players infect a ‘Patient Zero’ before working to evolve their pathogen, which they can give a name of their choice. As they win ‘DNA points’, players can add symptoms like cysts and tumours while making their virus more contagious and immune to modern drugs. They can choose a world where no one washes their hands – or one where many countries have state-of-the-art hospital care. Now tens of thousands of players are highlighting the grim comparison with Ebola, with many even naming their imaginary disease after the virus.”

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