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Odd news from around the world

Athletes perform better if they DO have sex the night before competing: “Athletes could perform better if they choose to get physical in the bedroom the night before a performance instead of getting involved in complicated exercises where they have to use their brain. A new study from Swinburne University in Melbourne has shown that runners didn’t reach their peak if they had undertaken cognitive tasks beforehand. Dr Clare MacMahon’s research suggests that your brain should be rested before physical activity. Dr MacMahon, who was working with German researchers, came up with this theory after putting 20 German runners to the test to investigate the effect of cognitive fatigue on physical performance. ‘Specifically, cognitive fatigue increased the perception of exertion, leading to lesser performance on the running task,’ the report said which was published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.

Boyfriend cuts off his penis and throws it in the bin after girlfriend dumps him for being bad in bed: “A man blamed his small penis for his girlfriend breaking up with him and decided to chop it off with a razor. But after cutting off his organ and throwing it in a bin, 22-year-old Oliver Ilic, was unable to stop the bleeding. He called emergency services and was taken to a hospital in Kocani, Macedonia, where he told medics he had decided to cut it off because it was no use. He explained his girlfriend had ended their relationship after telling him he was not good in bed. Police searched his house and found the severed penis in a bin along with the razor blade he had used. Local doctors were unable to reattach the organ and Mr Ilac was taken to another hospital in capital Skopje – where surgeons successfully reattached it in a five-hour operation.”

Nude burglar: “A man who burgled a house in southeast France while stark naked was arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. A woman called police after she spotted him robbing her home just outside the city of Saint Etienne. Bemused and frightened, she watched from her car as he came out of the house, still without a stitch of clothing, having stolen €1,000 (£790) in cash and her jewellery. He then drove to a nearby village and broke into another home by smashing down the front door, police said. After his exertions, he decided it was time to freshen up a bit. He took a shower before putting on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts he found in the house. He then stole a laptop before being arrested. The burglar, 40, admitted his crimes and told police that he felt as if he was “in an action film”. However, he offered no explanation as to why he had carried out the robberies in the nude. The results of his psychiatric tests have not been made public and it is unclear if he will stand trial or be kept in hospital.”

Pair of 350-year-old old pistols looted by the Nazis from the Rothschild family during WW2 emerge for sale for £80,000: “A pair of 350-year-old pistols stolen by the Nazis from the Rothschild family one year before the start of World War II have emerged for sale for £80,000. The ornate guns were seized from the Rothschild family along with numerous works of art kept in their collection in Vienna, Austria, just 48 hours after the country signed a pact with Germany in March 1938. The items remained in the possession of the state as Louis and Alphonse Von Rothschild had moved their families abroad following the end of the war. There they remained until 1999 when they were finally returned to the Rothschild family. The pistols, made by Pietro Manani in around 1670, are now for sale for £80,000 through London auction house Bonhams on behalf of a private collector. Experts say the 21-inch Brescian flintlock holster pistols are so valuable because of their sheer quality. ‘They’re now being sold by a private collector who acquired them shortly after they were returned.

A weighty profit on £70 paperweight: Chinese antique bought by widow’s late husband five decades ago sells for £170,000: “An ancient Chinese paperweight purchased by a widower’s late husband for £70 has sold at auction for £170,000. Made of jade, the highly sought after paperweight was dated as far back as 1368 and created sometime during the Ming Dynasty – a period of China’s history from which cultural artifacts now sell for exceptionally high prices. The owner was a woman from Cheltenham, whose late husband had purchased the three-inch wide item when he taught in Hong Kong five decades ago. The antique depicts a reclining greyish-green horse and was sold along with the original 1962 sale receipt from Hong Kong antique dealer Dunt King. The sale of the tiny paperweight is just the latest example of a booming demand for Chinese cultural relics.”

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