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Odd news from around the world

Want a baby at 40? It pays to be a cougar!: “Taking a toyboy doesn’t just boost a woman’s confidence – it may improve her chances of having a baby too. According to doctors, once a woman hits 40, she should seek out a younger man if she wants to get pregnant. A study of women aged 40-plus found if her partner was aged 43½ and a half or above, her odds of giving birth plummeted. It means the growing breed of ‘cougars’ – middle-aged women who date considerably younger men – might have the right idea. Canadian researchers believe the problem is in the man’s sperm, which drops in quality with age. A young woman’s egg is able to repair any defects. But older eggs struggle to make the repairs. The study, presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference in Honolulu, is the first to provide evidence that men, like women, have a biological clock.”

A picture to make you weep: “His rescuers described him as terrified, emaciated, severely neglected and clinging to life. But Alex – a heartbreakingly-malnourished dog who was found wandering the streets of New Orleans, surviving off nothing but rocks and twigs – never stopped being a kind, lovely animal. ‘He was still so nice and sweet and forgiving despite, obviously, the neglect he has suffered for some time,’ said Deanna Theis, the assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation, a no-kill rescue organization. Theis saw a picture of Alex appear on a website for a local animal control center, and realized he would be euthanized unless someone like her went to save him. Terrified: Alex was delirious and severely ill when he was first taken in. ‘How he is still alive at this point is pretty much a miracle,’ Deanna Theis told Fox 8. He has been put on a prescription diet that will hopefully ensure he continues to gain weight. The Southern Animal Foundation plan to nurse Alex back to health.

The boy in the box: “While Diane O’Neill was washing her clothes at a laundromat, she knew she had to keep close a eye on her notoriously mischievous grandson. She then received a text message and looked down at her phone for a split second, but the next thing she knew – Colin Lambert was gone. Looking around for the 18-month-old boy inside the coin laundry shop in Maryville, Tennessee, she quickly noticed the youngster climbing inside of a claw machine. With his feet hanging out of the door at the bottom of the vending machine, Mrs O’Neill tried to grab the boy’s legs. But he kicked back and made his way inside. Colin then clambered over the glass partition inside the device and sat among the soft toys. Mrs O’Neil dialed 911, but she quickly felt at ease, realizing that the youngster wasn’t hurt. The fire department were forced to come and rescue Colin – but gave him a free toy as a memento of his strange predicament”

Dutch pranksters fool food ‘experts’ at organic convention: “Sacha and Cedrique, who are two of the Lifehunters, attend an organic food convention in Houten, Holland, where they were to present their delicacies. The problem is, that they don’t even own a restaurant or have a menu of organically sourced foods, so they decide to play the ultimate prank. The pair head to a nearby McDonald’s, and bag up a selection of items from the menu. Then, using only cutlery and some cocktail sticks, they transform the food into smaller, bitesize portions, and decided to market it as their new organic food menu. The taste-testing reactions of locals and experts at the convention at the Expo, Houten, are cringeworthy brilliant. One gentleman, after swallowing down some Fillet-0-Fish says: ‘Tastes like fish, reminds me of cod, rolls around the tongue nicely, if it were wine I’d say it’s fine.'” Two girls, having tasted the Dutch duo’s delicacies are posed the question: ‘If you had to compare this, to say, McDonald’s food, what would you say is the biggest difference?’ To which, the excruciating reply is: ‘It definitely tastes a lot better, and the fact it is organic is definitely a good thing. ‘The taste is a lot richer.'”

Hucul ponies saved: “In just a few decades they have escaped total extinction after being saved by breeders. The Hucul is a small primitive breed of sturdy pony which were used as pack horses to carry heavy loads over treacherous paths in the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe. In the 19th century, the Huculs were used by the Austro-Hungarian Army and in Czechoslovakia in World War Two. However, the numbers of ponies rapidly declined and by the 1970s there were only around 300 horses left. But breeding programmes were put in place and the horses are now thriving and it is thought there are now thousands living in Eastern Europe. The horses are often used now by tourists and keen equestrians for trekking into the mountains.

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