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Odd news from around the world

Prankster gets knocked out: “Should you be so inclined as to walk up to a random man in a fast-food joint, late at night, after consuming alcohol and grab him by the hand before slapping him across the face with a slice of pizza, do not be shocked when he hits you back. This is what happened to a young man from Ontario, Canada, who wanted to play what he saw as an innocent prank on a man that had been annoying a friend of his after a night out. On his YouTube page, Mr Sutcliffe describes the idea behind walking up to a stranger and slapping them across the face with a cheese pie as: ‘Buddy was f***ing with my buddy so I decided to pizza slap him!’ The stunned ‘pizza slap’-victim shouts abuse back in disbelief at what just happened, while Mr Sutcliffe laughs him off. It does not take long before the slapper becomes the slappee when the angry victim knocks Mr Sutcliffe out cold on the table. According to the video, which has now gone viral, Mr Sutcliffe was unconscious for two minutes before being helped by other diners in the shop.”

The spray that claims to kill Ebola: Non-toxic chemical can get rid of deadly virus without damaging the body: “A British firm which claims it makes the only chemical spray which can safely kill the Ebola virus says it has been swamped with orders. The manufacturer of DuoMax maintains it is the only product in the world which can kill Ebola without damaging the human skin or being toxic to the body in anyway. Because it is non-toxic, it can apparently be used to treat large areas as it does not irritate the skin and eyes like bleach or chlorine products. The company claims DuoMax does not break down human skin like other corrosive chemicals, which makes it susceptible to infection. Instead, it’s claimed it effectively kills the virus and also stops it from spreading. The website claims the spray destroys the DNA and RNA which doesn’t allow the pathogen to reproduce or replicate. This also significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination.”

Shopkeeper fights off two hammer-wielding robbers by spraying MR MUSCLE into their eyes: “A shopkeeper fought off two hammer-wielding robbers who demanded he open the till by arming himself with surface cleaner and spraying it into their eyes. John Seabright, 62, was behind the counter of the Londis shop in Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire when two masked thugs barged in and screamed at him to hand over cash. At first he tried to grab the hammer of one of the balaclava-clad raiders but he failed. So instead he reached for the £1 bottle of Mr Muscle surface cleaner used to clean the till, and sprayed it straight into the eyes of the men through the holes of their balaclavas. That sent the robbers fleeing empty-handed with their eyes streaming.

Cyanide-secreting millipede kills its enemies in seconds: “Next time you take a whiff of that lovely almond smell in the air, beware, a cyanide millipede might be lurking. This arthropod might look like any ordinary millipede, but it hides a very secret power-it emits cyanide when it’s being attacked. This type of millipede is found in the Pacific coast of North America, from Southeast Alaska all the way down to California. If a bird, shrew or insect attacks this millipede, it will curl up and secrete hydrogen cyanide gas, a powerful poison. Because of this creature’s special powers of poison, it only has one predator, the groundbeetle Promecognathus Iaevissimus (that’s a mouthful!). If there’s one secret power I wouldn’t mind having, it’s definitely a secret stash of cyanide that excretes when I’m feeling attacked!”

Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin during Beijing Q&A: “The Facebook chief executive stuns an audience in Beijing by conducting a 30-minute Q&A in near fluent Mandarin, The Facebook chief executive was known to have been studying the language, having mentioned in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2010 that he was embarking on the task. But little had been heard of his hobby since. Many assumed the rigours of running the $200 billion social network would have left him with little time to practice the notoriously challenging language. In the Q&A at Tsinghua University Mr Zuckerberg began by apologising. He told the audience of students and faculty members – in Mandarin – that his Chinese was “pretty terrible”. But it soon became clear he was being more than a little modest. Before long he was telling jokes in Mandarin.

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