Unlocking the master’s secret

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The good thing about a Master brand lock is that if you lose the key, you don’t need a key to open it. The bad thing about a Master brand lock is that you don’t need a key to open it. Watch some guy open a Master lock by hitting it, with not much force, in just the right place a few times




Odd news from around the world

Rebel cops: Oakley Village, Michigan, has a population of 290 and is just 1.03 sq miles, and yet has about 112 police officers. The Village doesn’t know who the officers are; where they live; or what their backgrounds and qualifications are. The Village Council and courts have demanded that the Police Chief release the officer’s names but he is refusing saying that doing so puts the town and officers in danger of ISIS attacks. WTF? The Council has tried to shut down the police department because, among all this, the police have caused so many lawsuits against the Village that the Village’s insurance is now canceled. Removing the police department budget hasn’t worked because the department is funded by anonymous benefactors and so the department remains self-funded. See here and here HT Jerry Lerman

Ebola panic: “An elementary school teacher in Maine has been placed on leave for 21 days, the incubation period of Ebola, after she visited Dallas to attend an educational conference. The teacher did not come into contact with anybody who had tested positive for the virus, but did stay at a hotel “exactly 9.5 miles away from Texas Health Presbyterian,” where Ebola patients have been treated. The school district attributed its decision to “parents’ concerns,” presumably about the teacher transmitting Ebola to their children. But if the school board’s criteria for leave were applied to everyone, the entire city of Dallas would have to stay home from work. About 5 million people within the United States travel to or through Dallas each month. Middle school students were pulled out of school in Mississippi after the principal visited Zambia, a country about 3,000 miles from the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Michel du Cille, a photographer for the Washington Post, was “disinvited by Syracuse University from participation in a journalism workshop.” The decision was made because he visited Liberia a few weeks ago, despite the fact that he did not develop any symptoms of Ebola in the 21-day maximum incubation period.

Subsidized beer?: “Va. The city of Richmond is vowing to build a brewery on the James River. The estimated $36 million tab includes $5 million from Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “Opportunity Fund.” If approved by the City Council, most of the money will be raised with a general revenue bond, which puts the city’s taxpayers on the hook if the Stone Brewing Co. venture goes bust. Details remain sketchy, and that has skeptics wondering if the city will see a replay of the stalled downtown baseball stadium project touted by Mayor Dwight Jones. “There is no free lunch,” said Paul Goldman, a Richmond lawyer and longtime civic activist. “The public is in a ‘show-me’ mode.”

Beer with power to keep mosquitoes away: “Creams, sprays and coils are known methods to keep mosquitoes away, but a Brisbane company claims it has a new solution – beer. Strictly speaking, it isn’t the beer itself keeping the pests at bay but the eucalyptus-laced cardboard box that can be ripped up and burned to create a natural repellent. The cartons have been used in a limited run by Papua New Guinea beer company SP Lager, which is owned by Heineken. The Brisbane office of marketing company GPY&R, which works for Heineken, created the box after six weeks of tests. Y&R Group Brisbane manager Phil McDonald said SP Lager’s market research showed many of its customers enjoyed drinking beer around a fire. However they were also hampered by large numbers of mosquitoes. “We saw them ripping up the carton of beer and throwing that on the fire, so the guys came up with a fantastic idea to put something in the cardboard that actually was set off by the flames and repels mozzies,” he said. “We worked out how to apply [the repellent] during the printing process as an extra colour and then we tested it ourselves.”

Would-be mugger ends up in tears after being trapped in bus door and hit by ‘hero’ bus driver: “One bus driver, angered by the actions of a would-be mugger, took justice into his own hands and hit a potential thief with a bat leaving him crying in Chile. The would-be thief, identified by Chilean police as Pablo, tried twice to steal a woman’s handbag but lost his opportunity to do so after the bus driver shut the doors. As Pablo was then trapped and unable to escape, the bus driver hit him several times with a baseball hat, shouting in Spanish: “I’m badder than you,” according to the Independent. In the CCTV video from the incident in Concepcion on October 9, the bus driver then delivers real justice by ensuring Pablo is then met by police who arrest him at the next stop. Pablo is then put in handcuffs, and later it was reported the victim of the crime was taken to the local police station to make a statement.”

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