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Odd news from around the world

Brutal British bureaucracy again: “A 999 call handler advised a gallstones patient to call back if he fell unconscious as she refused to send him an ambulance – days before he died in agony, an inquest heard. Mark Hemmings died just 30 minutes after he eventually arrived at hospital – three days after he first called for an ambulance from his home in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent. The 41-year-old had been struck with the painful gallstones – which could have been cured with a routine operation. But despite his increasingly desperate pleas on March 29 last year, Good Friday, his requests for an ambulance were refused by a 999 call handler before his case was referred to an out-of-hours GP. An inquest in to his death heard harrowing recordings of Mr Hemmings’ phone conversations with both the 999 call handler and the GP urgent care unit. During a seven-and-a-half minute call, Mr Hemmings begs the 999 operator three times to send an ambulance – but is refused each time. Mr Hemmings replied: ‘Can’t I have an ambulance – I’m in agony.’ Mr Hemming received no medical treatment over the Easter weekend”

‘WTF?’ The moment a woman woke to find a huge pair of dirty feet poking out from under her plane seat: “A large pair of strange feet tickling your own is the last thing you’d expect on a flight. But these particular toes caused some alarm for an Adelaide woman who awoke to find them peeking out from beneath her seat. Camille was recently flying from Adelaide to Darwin when the large and unclean feet stretched out to touch hers. ‘I was sleeping and they scared the crap out of me,’ she told the NT News. ‘Having seen snakes on the plane (recently) definitely didn’t help the situation.’ But it’s not the first time a passenger has faced a similar intrusion. There’s a Passenger Shaming website run by former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen that is littered with photos disgruntled people have shot during their travels. Passenger Shaming was set up in March 2013 to highlight some of the less than desirable habits some have adopted while flying.”

The portable desk made of CARDBOARD that is strong enough to stand on and can be folded up in just two minutes: “A New Zealand team of designers has created a desk made out of 100 per cent recyclable material that can be adjusted to standing or sitting height and then packed-up and taken anywhere. Designed by Refold, three recent university graduates from Wellington – Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward and Matt Innes – the Portable Cardboard Standing Desk is made entirely of cardboard and yet can hold up the weight of an adult. Weighing only 6.5kg, it is designed to be fitted together in as little as two minutes and then folded down into its self-formed carry case. ‘It is made completely from a single material – 7mm twin cushion kraft cardboard, which means it’s 100% recyclable and can be put out with your household recycling,’ Refold explains. ‘Each leg is constructed from three pieces of cardboard laminated together with environmentally friendly glue. However, one of the most important design aspects of the desk according to its creators is its ability to be easily adjusted for its users to either sit or stand.

Man awoke from surgery to find he was wearing pink women’s underwear: “A man is suing after allegedly waking from a colonoscopy medical procedure in women’s pink underwear. Andrew Walls, 32, from the city of Dover, Delaware, claims the underwear was put on him when he was under anesthesia at Delaware Surgery Center in October 2012. He is now seeking damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress – in court papers his lawyer states he suffered mental anguish, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. Mr Walls was an employee of Delaware Surgery Center when he underwent the colonoscopy, reports Delaware Online. ‘When the plaintiff recovered from the effects of the anesthesia administered by defendants, he awoke to realize that while he was unconscious pink women’s underwear had been placed on his body,’ according to the civil damages suit filed in New Castle County Superior Court. Delaware Surgery director Jennifer Anderson declined to comment Wednesday, stating: ‘We just found out about this yesterday afternoon.’

A laughing camel!: “This camel clearly didn’t get the hump about having its picture taken. The delighted desert dweller happily smiles for the camera during a group selfie. Captured by friends Hossam Antikka, 20, Karem Abdelaziz, 22, and Misara Salah, 24, the group spent around half an hour feeding the camel before deciding to take a snap of their new found friend. Taken in a neighbourhood in northern Giza, Egypt, photographer Hossam, had no idea the camel had smiled for the camera until he checked his kit later. Despite having a reputation for biting and spitting, it seems this camel was eager to a show a friendlier side by joining in the fun. Hossam said: ‘It was a really nice camel, so I thought it was only right we should have a photo with it. Mr Antikka and his friends spent around half an hour feeding the camel before deciding to take a snap of their new found friend”

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