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Odd news from around the world

Bank robber’ with guilty conscience waits for police to arrive: “A guilty conscience stopped a suspected bank robber from making a quick getaway in Washington. Richard Gorton admitted stealing an undisclosed amount of money from a bank in the Evergreen State city of Bellingham yesterday. Police say he handed over a note to the cashier that read: “This is a bank robbery”. The 64-year-old made no attempt to flee the scene and instead decided to wait for police to arrive. “He admitted to officers that he had committed this crime and indicated that he became remorseful right after he walked out of the bank,” said a spokesperson for Bellingham Police Department (BPD). “Because of his remorse, he chose not to leave the area, even though he knew that police would be responding.” Officers have spoken to Mr Gorton several times in the past five years for minor issues, a statement added.”

Crocodile’ spotted in garden turns out to be inflatable: “When the mother of a toddler spotted a crocodile in the her garden, she was naturally worried for the safety of her three-year-old. Fortunately, after calling in the police and keepers from the nearest zoo, her alarm turned to relief, when it was discovered that the metre-long reptile in question was an inflatable toy. The woman, who was making lunch in her kitchen when she spotted the imitation beast, intiailly ran to her neighbour’s house, on Cundy Close, Plymouth. They warned her that is was too dangerous to approach the animal, which they said was probably a baby crocodile, unarmed. Even police officers and wildlife experts from Dartmoor Zoo, who sooon turned up, were initially fooled. It was only when officers, who were armed with snare poles, nets and riots shields, threw water over the toy that they realised what it was. The imitation croc was removed from the garden and placed in police custody”

Advert featuring woman’s breasts causes 500 accidents in a DAY among Moscow’s distracted male drivers: “An advertising campaign showing a woman’s breasts has been blamed for more than 500 traffic accidents in one day. The massive adverts placed on the side of 30 trucks driving around Moscow showed a woman’s breasts cupped in her hands with the slogan ‘They Attract’ across her nipples. As the trucks trundled around the streets of the Russian capital, they left a trail of carnage as male drivers became so distracted they ploughed straight into each other. A total of 517 accidents were reported. The stunt, by an advertising agency specialising in mobile adverts, backfired after police sent out patrols to round up all the vehicles and impound them until the risque images could be removed.”

Now you can start the day with SPREADABLE beer on your toast: “Those with hangovers who need hair of the dog, but can’t stomach reaching for a can of beer, can now have it on their toast. An Italian brewer claims they’ve created a new way to combine the most important meal of the day with the nation’s favourite tipple. Chocolatier Napoleone and brewery Alta Quota, based in Rieti, north east of Rome, Italy, have produced what they call the world’s first spreadable beer. Dubbed Birra Spalmabile, the ale-flavoured jelly-like creation comes in two flavours with either a dark or a blonde beer. According to Italy Magazine ‘one is delicate, while the other has a more intense aroma and stronger taste’. The spread is available from the Cioccolateria Napoleone website, priced 7.5 euros. It says ‘it goes perfectly with simple dishes of fish and shellfish, salads and fruit desserts’.”

Cough medicines are ‘waste of money’ and you’re better off trying honey and lemon: “Cough medicines are waste of money, doctors declared today. Both NHS bosses and leading GPs have dismissed the products – and say traditional home made remedies with lemon or honey to be the best approach. Cough medicines, which usually cost between £3 and £5 for a small bottle, are part of an over-the-counter healthcare industry worth £3 billion a year. But the NHS Choices website advises: ‘There’s little evidence to suggest cough medicines actually work, although some ingredients may help treat symptoms associated with a cough, such as a blocked nose or fever.’ The webpage adds that the ‘simplest and cheapest’ treatment for a ‘short-term cough’ may be a homemade remedy containing lemon and honey. It continues: ‘There’s no quick way of getting rid of a cough caused by a viral infection. It will usually clear up after your immune system has fought off the virus.’ Dr Tim Ballard, vice chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, today backed up the NHS claim.

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