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Odd news from around the world

Attacker left battered and bruised after trying to grab teenage girl … who was a martial arts expert: “A would-be attacker was left battered and arrested after being beaten up when he tried to grab a 14-year-old female – who turned out to be a martial arts expert. The 35-year-old man got more than he bargained for when he grabbed the young girl’s arms as she walked home alone through a park near her home. The young teen, who has studied self-defence and martial arts for some time, broke free from his hold and connected with several punches and kicks she threw at the man. A short time after the attack, police arrested a man on suspicion of assault. The man, described by police as being ‘very thin’ and around 5ft 7in, was questioned then later released on bail until the end of the month. The teenager was badly shaken by what happened but was not injured.

A Grand Viennese Debutante Ball — in Italy: “It was once an elaborate courtship-ritual where high-born young ladies would cast their eyes around for a titled husband and mingle with royalty. But the Grand Viennese Debutante Ball has remained one of the most anticipated events of the year and gives young people the chance to bring a splendid tradition back to life. Wearing matching white dresses, headbands and lace gloves, 36 debutantes waltzed to Strauss with students from the Naval Academy Morosini at the Roman Aquarium. They were all presented to the Austrian Ambassador in Italy, His Excellency Christian Berlakovits. One of the organisers said: ‘It is a rite, a dream, a message – the symbol of a world and an era that is worth reintroducing to today’s young people. ‘The best way to bring the values of a tradition back to life is to make them more current, allowing them to be discovered in their deepest meaning – even by those who, in the tumult of today’s society, appear to have neglected them, or, far worse, to have forgotten them altogether.’ The girls are aged between 16 and 23 years old and the event is twinned with the famous Opera Ball in Vienna.”

Farmer wins £40k over hot air balloon that scared his pigs: He used maths professor to prove case: “When a pig farmer sued a hot air balloon firm, he needed to prove he wasn’t telling porkies. Luckily for Dan Gilbank, he had maths professor, the laws of trigonometry, a lucky photograph and a golfer’s laser rangefinder to back up his case. Farm manager Mr Gilbank, 46, and his father Mick, 67, were adamant that a low-flying balloon had caused 250 of their pigs to stampede into a ditch, with disastrous – and costly – consequences. In the melee, 140 sows miscarried 70 per cent of their litters – around 800 piglets. Three sows died from heart attacks and a boar died the next day from his injuries. The stampede happened in April 2012 when a hot air balloon carrying a party of sightseers flew over Low Moor Farm, near York. Hot air balloons are banned from flying lower than 1,500ft over it or closer than 1,500ft to it. But the balloon’s operators, Wiltshire-based Go Ballooning, insisted it had come no closer than 2,500ft to the farm. Professor Fewster used trigonometry – the branch of maths that deals with the size and angles of triangles – to show that the balloon had been at a height of only about 100ft”

A hi-tech hospital mattress gave man third-degree burns: Equipment similar to an electric blanket overheated during surgery: “‘I wasn’t unduly nervous – I’d been told it was just a minor procedure,’ says Mike, 58. However, when he came round from the op – to remove a benign cyst from his kidney – at Maidstone Hospital, Mike quickly realised something had gone very wrong during the two hours he was unconscious. ‘I immediately noticed a burning pain in my backside. As the anaesthetic wore off the pain got worse. I reached under my hospital gown and could feel blistering and flesh came away in my hand. It felt like my bottom was on fire.’ Mike, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, had suffered third-degree burns on his right hip and buttock, caused when a mattress designed to keep patients warm during surgery had overheated. He underwent procedures to remove dead tissue and had to have an emergency skin graft. The HSE found the staff did not have sufficient training or information to ensure the mattress had been used correctly. Two years since his injury, Mike’s life has changed dramatically. After the operation, he was unable to work for five months.”

Help, there’s a snake in the bath! Terrified teenager found hungry 3ft python: “A teenager was overcome with terror after discovering a python in her bath – which had been slithering around under the floorboards for months. The family, from Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, have since discovered the Royal Python belonged to a previous neighbour – who said it had escaped in July. ‘If your dog goes missing you put up posters and look for it. They could have at least warned us so we knew to keep an eye out for it. ‘I would have had the house searched top to bottom if I’d known.’

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