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Odd news from around the world

Domestic cats are better hunters than TIGERS: “Most cat owners concede that their pets have a killer instinct – even if they are sometimes content to cuddle on their laps. And in a TV show set to air this evening, cat behaviour experts have examined how domestic cats are as good at hunting as lions and tigers. In fact, they claim the common moggy is more powerful and agile than its larger, more exotic cousin. In the show, Dr Liz Bonnin shares the results of a large scientific study where experts have followed 100 cats fitted with GPS trackers and cameras in three urban environments. The tracking equipment revealed that farm cats spread out across a rural area the size of 15 football pitches, including fields and wooded areas to maximise their chances of catching prey. Unlike pampered cat that typically play with mice – because they do not need to eat prey to survive – the farm cats can kill a mouse in two seconds flat.”

Lamborghini abandoned on Tower Bridge in London: “A man has been arrested after a Lamborghini Countach worth £250,000 was abandoned on Tower Bridge on Wednesday night. The unidentified motorist left the vehicle on the bridge at about 6.30pm after running out of petrol. After tracing him via his licence plate, police discovered he was wanted on warrant for harassment, and he was arrested in the City of London. He is currently being held in custody at a police station in east London. The car was removed from Tower Bridge on Thursday afternoon. DVLA records show that the licence plate of the vehicle – 69 AE – is registered to a black Land Rover, raising the prospect the driver could also face a fine for using it on a different vehicle. A Transport for London spokesman had earlier posted a picture of the white vehicle on Twitter, asking: “Tower Bridge N/B there’s a lane blocked due to an abandoned car….. Anyone missing theirs?”

Runaway pony caught after walking into Cheshire Police station: “Officers at Cheshire Police station received a surprise visitor on Monday morning when the animal strolled into reception. CCTV captured an officer attempting to get the pony off the premises, but the small horse appeared determined to hand itself in. A force spokesman revealed the pony had escaped from a nearby field and into their headquarters in Winsford before being escorted back. “We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security!” they joked.”

Man with ‘agonising’ 17-hour erection: “A man with a 17-hour erection had to have three pints of drained from his penis to relieve the problem. Jason Garnett, 23, described the situation as ‘pure agony’ and said he could only watch in horror as a doctor stabbed a cannula into the side of his manhood. He was diagnosed with a condition known as priapism – caused by a blockage of the blood vessels that empty the penis. Doctors told him they would have to draw off blood to reduce the pressure. ‘Seeing them stab my penis with a needle was horrible – like something out of a horror film,’ said Mr Garner, a hotel worker from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. ‘They were injecting me with adrenalin – and had to do it 24 times.’ The incident occurred last week after he spent the drinking heavily before sleeping with a female friend – and not taking Viagra, he insists.”

SIX THOUSAND venomous spiders take over home: “A family has been forced out of their country club home after 6,000 venomous spiders moved in. Fumigators are now pumping poisonous gas into the house in the upscale neighborhood of Weldon Spring, Missouri in an attempt to kill the brown recluse spiders, which have been there for at least seven years. The 2,400-square-foot, four-bedroom property, which has prime views across the Whitmoor Country Club, never sold – but McCarthy Pest Control believes they can finally take care of the problem. This week, workers used nine tarps measuring 15,000 square feet to cover the home before filling it with sulfuryl fluoride gas that permeated the walls to kill the spiders and their eggs. ‘There’ll be nothing alive in there after this,’ president Tim McCarthy told the St Louis Post-Dispatch. The Trosts, who didn’t notice any spiders at the home when they looked around, bought it in October 2007 for $450,000. They captured one of the spiders, which was about half the size of a dollar, and looked it up on the internet and discovered that it was a brown recluse.”

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