And where would this gorgeous interior be?

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It’s the main pump room of Crossness sewage pumping station in London. Built in the 19th century




Odd news from around the world

Indecisive: British liberal politician wears FOUR different outfits in one day: “Normally all eyes on are on the politician’s wives and their outfits during party conference season. But Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was in the spotlight today after bizarrely wearing not one, but four different outfits in a single day. As he battled against claims the Lib Dems are indecisive and struggle commit to a course of action, he wore a suit for TV interviews, a smart casual outfit for a school visit and a black shirt and chinos for a Q&A session which looked more suited to the garden centre than the conference hall. He then switched back to his blue suit before the day was out.”

Italian town fined €650 for ‘noisy waterfall’: “It was formed over millions of years and has been a tourist attraction for centuries, but a spectacular waterfall in Italy has divided local opinion after it was ruled to be too noisy. The town of Bellano, on the shores of Lake Como, has been slapped with a fine by an environmental authority after local residents complained that its thundering cascades were so loud they could not watch television without closing their windows. They blamed the council for the problem because the water flow of the torrent is used to power a small hydroelectric plant and can be regulated artificially. An unusually wet summer around Lake Como, which William Wordsworth acclaimed as “a treasure which the earth keeps to itself”, has aggravated the problem. Disgruntled locals took their complaints to Arpa, a regional environmental protection agency, which fined the town council €650 for noise pollution. The council now has 30 days to pay the fine. However, the town mayor has refused to pay on principle, saying the row is “absurd”.

Dog with strange eyes: “Her fiery orange stare is certainly fearsome enough to scare off burglars. The problem is, it’s also frightening off potential owners. Bagheera – named after the amber-eyed panther in the Jungle Book – has been unable to find a home since she arrived at a rescue centre in Italy as a six-month-old puppy. People were put off by her striking eyes, which are the result of a rare gene. A combination of difficult behaviour and lack of training is putting Brits off adopting Bagheera. So Teckels Animal Sanctuaries in Gloucester has brought the black Collie-Belgian Shepherd cross, now eight, over to England in the hope of finding her her very first home. Bagheera’s orange eyes, which are incredibly rare in a dog, is thought to put prospective owners off. ‘We think she is a Collie crossed with a Belgian Shepherd. Hopefully someone with experience will come forward and give her a home.’

A triumph of life: “A seven-months-pregnant mother who fell down the stairs in a catastrophic accident died a day after her baby girl was born by an emergency Caesarean section. Debbie Gallagher was rushed to hospital after her partner Mike Faultless heard a bang and found her lying unconscious at their home in Chelmsley Wood, West Midlands. Doctors battled to save the 36-year-old, who had suffered a devastating head injury, thought to have been caused by striking the bannister, and her baby. Daisy was delivered two months early on July 25, 2013, weighing 4lb 15oz, but tragically her mother could not be saved and died from her injuries the next day. Mr Faultless, a Land Rover engineer, was left to bring up their baby daughter and his two step-children following the accident last year. He said: ‘Daisy is such a beautiful little girl and I am so proud of her. I know Debbie would have been so proud too. Mr Faultless has received support from Ms Gallagher’s friends in caring for Daisy as well as her other children, nine-year-old Bradley and Hanna, 17, who she previously adopted.”

Have scientists discovered a CURE for ‘mean girls?’: “Scientists claim to have to found an effective method for tackling the age-old school nightmare of ‘mean girls’ behavior. According to researchers at the University of Missouri, ‘relational aggression ‘ – forms of non-physical bullying such as gossiping, rumor spreading, exclusion and rejection – can be reduced using an intervention strategy they’ve dubbed Growing Interpersonal Relationships through Learning and Systemic Supports (GIRLSS). Tested on 30 girls aged between 12 and 15, the ten-week program involved group counseling, role-playing, journaling and weekly goal setting, and was found overall to decrease relational aggression. As part of the intervention method, students took park in one 70-minute session a week where they participated in a range of discussions and exercises. In addition, the girls’ caregivers attended separate workshops and bi-weekly phone consultations during which they were taught better monitoring and supervision skills.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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