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Odd news from around the world

Useless British cops again: “The front counter of the local police station has always been the first port of call for an honest citizen who finds somebody else’s property dropped in the street. But now police across the country are refusing to handle lost items – telling members of the public they must track down the rightful owners themselves. Some forces even tell people to put up signs in shops with details of the found items, and to throw away unidentified keys, because they no longer have the time or staff to deal with the paperwork. Last night police were condemned for abandoning this traditional role. Jack Dromey, Labour’s shadow policing spokesman, said: ‘This is yet another example of how DIY policing is becoming the norm.’ Until recently, front-counter staff at police stations would take in anything found in the street and log the details so that it could be reunited with the owner if they got in touch.”

£50,000 winner’s lucky find: Warehouse worker discovers winning lottery ticket on day before it was due to expire: “A warehouse worker is celebrating after discovering a winning £50,000 lottery ticket – the day before it was due to expire. James Wilson, 28, was clearing out an old wallet when he stumbled across the EuroMillions ticket. He decided to double check the numbers and was shocked to realise he had matched all five in the draw from March 28. It was at this point he noticed he has just one day left to claim his £51,232.90 prize. Mr Wilson, from Bradley Stoke, Bristol, said: ‘I called Camelot straight away but because it was so late in the evening, their lines were closed until the morning. ‘I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I got through to someone the following morning and they confirmed I wasn’t too late to claim my prize.”

One in six women would give up sex forever for a slice of their favourite cake: “People in the UK would be willing to give up a surprising list of essentials –including their car and the internet – so they could eat cake, according to new research. People are also using the sweet treat as a negotiation tool to help them get their own way, says cake company Mr Kipling. It found one in eight have brought cakes into their office to butter up their boss, while 11 per cent of men have tried to win a woman’s heart with a cake – compared to seven per cent of women. Meanwhile, almost a quarter would never have a glass of wine again and 13 per cent would ditch their mobile phone. It was also revealed that nine per cent of men were willing to give up on sex for cake, compared to 16 per cent of women. A quarter would be willing to delete their Facebook and Twitter accounts and 13 per cent would ditch their favourite TV show. The survey of 2,000 adults, which marks the launch of National Cake Week, also found that chocolate is the nation’s favourite cake – with half favouring it over any other.”

More bumbling British bureaucracy: “A farmer who lost 810 acres of land during last winter’s floods was refused £11,000 compensation – after being told these aerial pictures showed ‘insufficient evidence’ of the damage. James Winslade was forced out of his farm in Bridgwater, Somerset and had to shift 550 cattle to safe havens after floodwater reached 12ft deep in some places. The cattle farmer was entitled to government funding to reseed his fields, but officials told him he would need to provide evidence of the damage. Mr Winslade sent a collection of aerial images showing his land under almost eight ft of water to highlight the damage caused during the bad weather. But he was stunned when he received a response telling him the evidence he submitted was not sufficient to show his problems. The payment only came after a Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs sent an inspector to the farm – almost six months later.”

France in a hole: “The country was branded the ‘sick man of the world’ yesterday after figures for September showed output fell for the fifth month in a row as businesses continued to shed jobs. Analysts said it pointed towards another quarter of stagnation, following six months of zero growth between January and June. Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, said: ‘No longer just the sick man of Europe, France looks more like the sick man of the world.’ The ‘increasingly bloated’ public sector ‘has masked the dismal performance of the private sector where businesses are struggling,’ he said. ‘France’s private sector is technically back in recession,’ said Mr Williamson. Diego Iscaro, senior economist at research group IHS Global Insight, said: ‘The French economy is struggling. It stagnated during the first half of the year and the outlook is hardly better. ‘Near record-high unemployment is keeping private consumption, the traditional engine of French growth, under intense pressure.”

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