What are they?

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Some sort of burr?




Odd news from around the world

Thief tried to steal from car parked outside training session for bouncers – who arrested him within seconds: “A hapless thief is arrested by bouncers after he tried to steal from a car parked outside their training session. Nathan Webb, 39, slipped inside the unlocked Vauxhall Astra parked outside The Training Hub in Manchester city centre in an attempt to grab a sat-nav. But owner Danny Rose, a trainee doorman who was taking part in a session on how to use handcuffs, was watching from inside the building and rushed outside to stop him. He called for help from the centre manager – Marcus Gentles, a bouncer with 16 years’ experience – who was able to apprehend him with the handcuffs he had been using during the lesson. He held Webb inside the classroom for 15 minutes until the police arrived. He was charged the next day and appeared before magistrates in Manchester where he pleaded guilty to theft from a motor vehicle.”

World’s longest footbridge? 1km-long path in Russia: “The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge – the SkyBridge near the city of Sochi in south-western Russia – stretches for almost a kilometre over the Krasnaya Polyana valley. This vast structure can cope with up to 30,000 people at a time. And for daring tourists, there is more to its appeal than simply its length. Bungee-jumpers can opt for 650ft of freefall if they hurl themselves off a viewing platform into the valley below. Extreme sports fans who have not had enough highs for one day can also speed along a zip wire more than 500ft above the valley floor. Riders are strapped to a zipwire together, clipped in horizontally side by side. The ride reaches speeds of 70mph as it swoops through the air. Spokesman Vladislav Baranov says: ‘Parts of the skypark are still under construction, but we want this to be the highest, fastest, most fun park in the world.’ ‘But just to come for the bridge, and the views will take your breath away.'”

Bungling council workers put up 20mph speed limit sign on a FOOTPATH: “Residents have been left baffled after bungling council workers put up a 20mph speed limit sign on a footpath. The notice was put up by Nottingham City Council in the Radford area of the city as part of a £147,000 road safety scheme. But the sign in Dulwich Road was placed at a dead end in front of a set of bollards, which enclose a pedestrian-only zone in the residential area. Dorothy Francis, 89, who has lived in the area all her life, said: ‘It’s bizarre, you can barely even get a bicycle through the gap in those bollards never mind a car. ‘I know we old dears can hit some speed in our mobility scooters but this is taking it a bit too far.’ ‘It cost money to put that up too, and it will never make any kind of difference. ‘What will they do next? Install a speed camera to make sure we don’t run too fast?’”

New lotion can kill head lice and their eggs in a 10 minute application: “Gone are the days of the dreaded head lice nit comb, as a new lotion has been developed to kill off the pests in a single 10 minute application. While existing treatments need multiple applications to rid the parasites plus time-consuming combing of the hair to remove their eggs, Xeglyze lotion offers a simpler solution. The new treatment, developed by an Australian pharmaceutical company, has gone through final clinical trials in the US Food and Drug Administration with results showing that 81.5 per cent of subjects were free of lice after the one dose without nit combing. Hatchtech CEO Hugh Alsop says this will be welcoming news for any parent who’s spent hours nit combing their child’s hair following multiple lice treatments. Mr Alsop says the lotion is different to others as it treats both eggs and the lice, which is why the repeat application and combing are not required. He says there is a need for novel treatments given that head lice have developed resistance to many existing products.

Mother goes to bed with broad Staffordshire accent and wakes up sounding POLISH: ” A mother-of-two proud of her Staffordshire accent was shocked when she woke up sounding like an Eastern European. Kath Locket went to bed one night, but was later rushed into hospital unable to speak or swallow. Baffled doctors eventually diagnosed her with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition that has only ever affected 150 people worldwide. It emerged a rare condition had caused slight damage to the part of her brain controlling language. This meant that despite being born and bred in Staffordshire, she was left with a strong accent that sounded distinctly European. Ms Lockett says she now feels she feels robbed because she sounds nothing like her family and friends – and is mistaken as a foreigner by people in her local area. Mrs Locket, who has always lived in Stafford, had been suffering ill health and headaches before she lost her accent. Doctors confirmed Ms Locket had been struck down with a rare brain condition called severe cerebral vasculitis. The causes are unknown, and there is no current cure.”

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  1. It’s from a cholla cactus, very common in Arizona and northern Mexico’s Sonora state. Also known as the “Jumping Cactus” because if it’s bumped the boles will fall off and bounce around.

  2. No idea what they are but I would say OUCH!!!!!

  3. Jumping Cholla, they have little hooks at the end of each spine.

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