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Odd news from around the world

People who can no longer smell peppermint, fish, rose or leather ‘may have only five years left to live’: “If food no longer smells appetising and perfume seems less pungent, you could be seriously ill. Men and women who have lost their sense of smell are almost six times more likely as others to die within the next five years, a study found. The inability to identify fish, rose, leather, orange, and peppermint – the five scents used in the experiment – could predict death within five years, scientists said. While the finding may seem odd, a poor sense of smell raises the odds of death more than established medical conditions including cancer. The U.S. researchers said that while the dulling of the sense does not directly cause death, it provides ‘early warning that something has gone badly wrong’. They believe that a simple smell test could be used to identify pensioners most at risk of an early death. But British experts urged people not to panic – and said that much more research is needed to confirm the link. In the first study of its kind, more than 3,000 men and women aged between 57 and 85 were put through a three-minute smell test.”

Big pothole in Ukraine: “A Ukrainian man miraculously managed to escape unharmed after the road collapsed underneath him as he was driving. Gordey Efremov was travelling home in the city of Dnipropetrovsk in south-eastern Ukraine, when the ground suddenly vanished below. Images from the accident show Mr Efremov’s 4×4 lying on its side in a giant pothole, practically swallowed by the road. He said: ‘Because of the rain, traffic was going slowly anyway and then when the car in front of me stopped I put on the brakes, and slow down. ‘Then I suddenly got this sinking feeling and before I knew it was disappearing into the road. ‘The car tipped onto its side and muddy waters started to flood in through the air vents and door. ‘I had to open the window above and climb out where some people helped me onto the street. Police spokesman Leonid Pokrovski said: ‘It was an accident waiting to happen. ‘As long as the cars were moving fast over the top it bore the weight, but once a motorist stopped it was too much and it gave way.’

Bungling council erases £400,000 ‘racist’ Banksy: “A new mural by street artist Banksy showing a group of pigeons holding anti-immigration banners has been destroyed by council officials following a complaint the work was “racist”. The mural, worth around £400,000 in Clacton-on-Sea, where a by-election is due to take place following the local MP’s defection to UKIP, appeared this week. It showed four pigeons holding signs including “Go Back to Africa”, while a more exotic-looking bird looked on. The local council which removed it, said it did not know it was by Banksy, conceding that the artist’s political satire was lost on them. Tendring District Council said it received a complaint that the mural was “offensive” and “racist”.”

Tiny horse who has the run of his owner’s house: “At 22 inches tall, Acer is perfect house pet size, and barely as big as his best friend, his owner’s black labrador, Demon. As a result he enjoys all the comforts of home. Acer, now aged three, was born with dwarfism, caused by a recessive gene which only affects a foal when it is carried by both of the parents. Most dwarfism foals are put down because of health problems but his owner, Maureen O’Sullivan, who runs the Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham, Essex, couldn’t bear to part with him. ‘Due to dwarves having various health issues most breeders would have put him down, but little Acer was so full of life and otherwise healthy, it was never an option. ‘One day we were in the living room and he just wandered in, we were really surprised. ‘When he comes in he loves to watch the television, he just stands there staring at it. He likes to walk around and sniff everything so now we let him come and go when he wants.’

Woman who drowned in a vat of wine: “A Spanish woman who drowned in a vat of wine after becoming intoxicated by fumes has been pictured for the first time. Wine specialist Nerea Perez was watching the fermenting process at the cellar in the Spanish village of Salas de los Barrios, in the north west of the country. The 25-year-old is understood to have been overcome by the fumes given off during fermentation, which caused her to lose her balance and fall into the vat of wine. Wine makers say accidents such as this are more common than many people think, due to the strength of the gases given off by wine while it is fermenting.

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