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Odd news from around the world

Diaper smugglers!: “Police in northern Sweden have arrested two individuals with a haul of over 25,000 Norwegian nappies [diapers], which they believe were destined for the black market in eastern Europe. The pair, who are believed to be in their 20s and 40s respectively, were stopped in Jämtland by officers. When the cops checked inside the foreign registered van they found that it was loaded to the brim with nappies bought in Norway – 25, 179 to be precise. Both were arrested on suspicion of smuggling offences and taken to the police station in Östersund for questioning. The alleged smugglers are both residents of Lithuania, and were believed to be en route to a location in eastern Europe with the nappy haul. While Norway is regarded as one of the most expensive countries to live in, the price of nappies is rather cheap. Expressen reported that a single nappy can cost around 50 öre but would fetch as much as four Norwegian kronor in Poland.”

School textbook is withdrawn after “teacher” on the front is recognized as Japanese adult video star: “Gone are the days when schoolbooks were made up of pages and pages of text. Today’s textbooks are just as likely to be filled with glossy, colourful images to engage and entertain students. This Thai textbook publisher, however, has come under fire for apparently sourcing an image from the internet to use on a book’s front cover – which turned out to be a photo of a Japanese adult video star. The cover of ‘Basic Mathematics’, from publisher MuangThaiBook, is bright and colourful, with some typically mathsy images of teachers grinning at the camera and looking thoughtfully at equations. Front row centre is a young Japanese woman in a suit, who appears to be examining an important-looking file labelled “Mathematics”. Only, that’s AV actress Mana Aoki, and the photo was originally a promotional shot for an adult video entitled “Costume Play Working Girl”.

The 2015 Ford Mustang has fake engine noise. “Over two decades have passed since Ford designed a Mustang with a four-cylinder engine. The automaker’s award-winning EcoBoost engine changes that with a 2.3-liter amalgamation of power and efficiency. The 2015 Mustang’s excitable EcoBoost engine and its ground-rattling roar drops when the sound system’s fuse is yanked, as discovered by Road & Track’s Jason Cammisa. During a recent series of test drives, he removed the fuse from the 2015 Mustang’s sound system, and found that the pony car had lost its voice. As shocking, and maybe even disappointing, as the 2015 Mustang’s enhanced voice may be, Chief Mustang Engineer Dave Perciak revealed in a 2013 interview that the car’s engine sound would be amplified by its sound system. Perciak was asked if the Mustang’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost would sound like it belonged in the vehicle.”

Unusual Starbucks drinks around the world: “With over 20,000 locations dotted around the world, Starbucks has come up with an impressive array of flavor concoctions to satisfy the caffeine cravings of its worldly patrons. Visit Japan, for instance, and have your pick between a lavender flavored Earl Grey tea, a gelatin-infused frappuccino or a coffee topped with cream cheese. China, on the other hand, is home to the Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino: whipped up green tea with sweetened whole kernels of red beans scooped on top. The Coffee Jelly Frappuccino, available in Japan and Asia Pacific, is a three-textured fandango which includes a layer of black coffee-flavored gelatin, added to a standard frappuccino with whipped cream. Also in Japan, you’ll find the sinfully extravagant Coffee and White Tiramisu Frappuccino. This beverage starts with a layer of coffee frappuccino, followed by a layer of cookie crumble, followed by a brownie, followed by cream cheese mousse, and topped with cocoa powder. Followed one day, perhaps, by a heart attack.”

Batman burger at Hong Kong McDonald’s makes absolutely no sense: “McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong are celebrating the heroes of DC’s Justice League, and first up with his own special burger is Batman. Dubbed the “Diner Double Beef” burger, the meaty monstrosity looks like it has very little to actually do with Batman. For starters, it isn’t black. Black burgers are all the rage these days, but if any promotional food item needed to be black, it is the one with Batman’s name attached to it. The burger also comes with a serving of “squeezy cheesy fries.” That sounds a little disgusting, and once again, is in no way Batman related. You don’t craft your body into the ultimate machine of vengeance by filling up with any food that starts with “squeezy cheesy.” So what does this burger have to do with Batman? Well, it does feature a really badass box that looks like it has Batman’s face on the top. The burger itself features two patties, an egg, cheese, onion and two types of sauce.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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