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Odd news from around the world

Police chief leaves his car unlocked: “A 21-year-old Lodi man chose the wrong car to break into Friday morning — the Saddle Brook police chief’s. Timothy Jolls, 21, of Lodi was charged with third-degree burglary and released with a Tuesday court appearance. Saddle Brook Chief Robert Kugler said Jolls was under the influence of alcohol. Kugler’s neighbor saw that the interior lights of the unmarked Dodge Charger were on and watched a tall man leave the vehicle around 2:45 a.m., the police chief said in an email. Kugler had left the car unlocked in his driveway on Lanza Avenue. “He calls the PD and patrols arrive within minutes,” he said. Officers arrested a man who was three houses away getting out of a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee in a driveway. The neighbor identified the man as the one he had seen getting out of Kugler’s car, the chief said. The Jeep wasn’t Jolls’ car and he appeared too intoxicated to give a formal statement.

Irishman Dug Tunnel From Bedroom To Pub Over 15 Years: “An Omagh plumber tunnelled a hole from under his bed to the local pub 800 feet from his house over the course of 15 years, a court heard today. Patsy Kerr had been summonsed to Omagh County Court after it emerged he had been the cause of a collapsed sewage pipe from a neighbouring house. Kerr told the court about his secret tunnel and the reasons behind it: “The wife has a bad snore on her and after watching the Shawshank Redemption on RTE one night in 1994, I decided to do something about it so I waited til she was in a deep sleep and then set about digging a hole under the bed in the direction of the pub. I used all manner of tools from spoons to a heavy duty tunnel boring machine I managed to sneak down there when she was at the shops. It wasn’t until 2009 that I hit the jackpot and came up through the women’s toilet mop and bucket room.” Kerr explained how he spent the last five years heading to the pub via his tunnel at 11pm before returning at 1am, undetected by his deep sleeping wife”

Woman Busted for Possession of Spaghetti Sauce: “A Florida woman may pursue legal action against police and prosecutors after she spent more than a month in jail for possession of SpaghettiOs. Police say they arrested 23-year old Ashley Gabrielle Huff after they found a spoon covered with a suspicious residue inside the car she was riding in. From the beginning Huff insisted that she wasn’t using, selling, or making methamphetamines. The woman spent more than a month in jail while her attorney tried to arrange a plea bargain. That’s when the crime lab report came back confirming the spoon was encrusted with spaghetti sauce. She was then released from custody. Police say they were acting in good faith. Huff may now pursue legal action against the police departments, the jails, and the D.A.’s office for malicious prosecution and unlawful arrest.”

The Vitamin D mushrooms: “There may be fewer hours of sunlight as we head towards winter, but it could still be possible to get your daily dose of Vitamin D thanks to a revolutionary mushroom. Eating just three of the Active Health mushrooms, sold by M&S, provides 100 per cent of an adult’s recommended daily allowance. The store spent five years developing the mushrooms, which taste just like the regular variety and also contain Vitamin B5 to fight fatigue and potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure. The mushrooms, which sell for £1.20 for 200 grams, are grown in County Monaghan, Ireland, and naturally enriched with the vitamin by exposure to light. Studies have shown that UV light stimulates the mushrooms to convert natural sterols into Vitamin D. Normally mushrooms are commercially produced in dark warehouses as they do not need sunlight to grow, but the M&S mushrooms receive a carefully-measured amount of bright light to simulate sunlight and trigger the Vitamin D-producing action.”

Rare jewel-encrusted ‘tutti-frutti’ Cartier brooch bought at flea market for just £38 sells at auction for £10,800: “A rare, jewel-encrusted Cartier brooch bought in a box of costume jewellery at a flea market for £38 has sold at auction for £10,800. The gold brooch, which is covered in emeralds, sapphires and diamonds and a ruby, was discovered by an anonymous shopper at a table-top sale in Staffordshire in August. It went under the hammer on Friday, selling for more than double its guide price of £5,000 after interest from around the world. The Art Deco ‘tutti-frutti’ jabot brooch has a carved ruby mounted as a flower, with blue sapphires and green emeralds interlinked between diamonds. The engraving ‘Carter, London’ is hidden on the side. Collectors from Paris, USA and the United Arab Emirates were all after the ‘flavour of the month’ jewellery item, although the successful bidder has chosen to remain anonymous. Hansons said the jewel is from the ‘vibrant 1930s’ and is a ‘flavour of the month among the high-end jewellery buyers of Paris, London and Geneva'”.

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