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Odd news from around the world

Unusual wedding guests: “Photographer Ian Christmann was working the backyard wedding of Lauren and Erick in Stockton, NJ this weekend when the herd of deer appeared in the woods during the middle of dinner. So Christmann interrupted the bride and groom to see if they were interested in taking a photo with the gathering deer, and the newlyweds agreed. ‘The deer were quite jittery as we approached, so I didn’t expect that we would be able to get so close!’ Christmann wrote on his website. ‘A couple of people have asked if it was photoshopped and the answer is “nope.”’ Christmann said. ‘It’s a straight out of the camera capture apart from some dodging and burning and coloring in post.’

This smart SAUCEPAN could turn you into a pro!: “Called SmartyPans, the pots feature sensors that sync with a smartphone app and reveal cooking time, weight and if the pan is too hot. And the pans can even help with weight loss, because they reveal the number of servings and calories of every dish. Each pan features a weight, humidity and temperature sensor and is powered by a 5V rechargeable battery. When cooking, the pan connects to a smartphone or tablet app using Bluetooth. When in Recipe Mode, as the user adds ingredients to the pan, they are shown a progress bar indicating how much is required. The app monitors internal temperature and humidity, and tailors the cooking time and instructions accordingly. This mode additionally reveals how many people the meal will serve, and calories. Metrics mode gives unfiltered information from the pan, including temperature and weight. Its battery recharges in an hour, and lasts up to a month.”

Spider invasion: “An army of 100 green-fanged spiders the size of tablespoons have invaded a young family’s home. Dan Jackson and his three-year-old son Ruben are scared to go outside as ‘tube web spiders’ have filled every hole and crack in their garden and walls. The black creatures with shiny green fangs sew distinctive tube-shaped webs inside cracks and holes and wait by the entrance for prey to touch the strands. Now Mr Jackson, 29, is worried they may get into his house and harm his son, as their bites can cause a sharp injection-like pain. The online trader from Southampton said: ‘I’m not scared of spiders but even I’m freaked out by these ones. ‘I first saw one when I went out into my garden and didn’t think much of it. ‘But when it got dark they all came out and there must have been more than 50 of them.’ The official name for the spider is the Segestria florentina. While the pain from a bite can last for hours, their venom has no lasting effect on people.”

Unfortunate sign on ‘Tuck-in Coffee Shop’: “A cafe has attracted the attention of shoppers after it was pointed out its sign could be read in two different ways. The Tuck-in Coffee Shop in Doncaster used a font for its sign which locals say makes the first letter of the name unclear. The dubious banner has caused concern in the South Yorkshire town, with some claiming it looks like the cafe is called the ‘F***-in Coffee Shop’. The double reading of the font is most apparent on a banner placed behind the cafe to attract motorists on a nearby main road, but is also visible on the front of the building. Darren Bent, 23, of Thorne, near Doncaster, said: ‘I had to double-take when I saw it because it does look like the F***-in Coffee Shop. ‘I think it’s hilarious, though. It brightened up my day when I saw it.’ A worker at the cafe insisted the sign has been there for 12 years and he had never before heard any complaint. He said: ‘I hung the sign there myself and it looks all right to me. No customers have ever said anything to me so I don’t see any reason why it should be changed or taken down.’

Anger after pony charity says the best way to protect the animals is to EAT them: “A charity dedicated to protecting ponies sparked outrage today by suggesting they should be eaten to save the species. Dartmoor Hill Pony Association put forward the suggestion ‘with reluctance’ as the best way to preserve herds on the ancient moorland. Founder Charlotte Faulkner believes herders will only continue to keep the animals if there is a ‘sustainable market’ for them. But South West Equine Protection (SWEP) reacted with fury, saying it would never support the breeding of animals for profit. The charity’s welfare officer Becky Treeby said: ‘It would be very upsetting to look at foals which in six months’ time could be in someone’s burger.’ Dartmoor ponies are essential to the ecology of the 368 square mile national park in Devon by keeping the gorse under control.

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