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Odd news from around the world

The fastest way to board a passenger plane revealed: “For those who are convinced there is a faster and more efficient method, a test by the popular American television series MythBusters appears to back up that theory. The Discovery Channel series found that the boarding method used by most carriers – business class first and followed by zones from back to front – is the slowest and least efficient of six possible seating techniques. Using a custom-built replica of a 173-seat aircraft interior, it took 24 minutes and 29 seconds before all of the volunteer passengers were in their seats with the back-to-front method. It turns out the fastest method involved no assigned seating. With a time of 14 minutes and seven seconds. Even though it was the fastest method, it had the worst passenger satisfaction rating. With a time of 14 minutes and 55 seconds, the Wilma method (window seats first, followed by middle seats and aisle seats) was the second fastest technique.”

Man builds a better ice-cream scoop: “A dad has reinvented the ice cream scoop for the first time in 117 years after becoming frustrated at not being able get the dessert out the tub when it was frozen solid. Michael Chou’s ‘Midnight Scoop’ design changes the way people scoop up the frozen dessert. Rather than spooning ice cream with your wrist in a side-on motion, he suggests pushing it chest-on so you can use their arm and chest muscles. This is made possible by the curved handle which gives extra force and means there is no need to use your wrist. It has taken nearly two years and 38 redesigns for the ‘Midnight Scoop’ to come to fruition – 117 years after Alfred L. Calle first invented the ice cream scoop in 1897. Made from a coated and forged 6061 aluminum alloy, they will be sold for a little over £30 once the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign ends in October.

Doorbell flushes dog out of rabbit hole: “A DOG trapped in a rabbit hole for four days was saved by a doorbell. Henry, a seven-year-old border terrier, vanished while on a walk in Prestbury, Cheshire, on Sept 14. After a three-day search, the dog’s owner, Beverley Leonard, called the fire service, which sent its animal rescue unit. Even after a search using specialist cameras to look into rabbit holes, Henry could not be seen or heard. When one of the crew remarked that the search would be easier if Henry barked, Ms Leonard remembered that the dog only ever barked at her doorbell. She returned home, removed the bell from the wall, and, using an amplifier, spent three hours playing the noise down every rabbit hole. Finally, Henry responded and the firemen returned to free the dog.”

A new cure for baldness?: “Bizarre and brilliant cosmetic treatments were big news in 2013 with the vampire facial, which involves drawing the patient’s own blood and then injecting it back into the face, topping the most requested list. So popular and effective has it become that cosmetic doctors are using the technique on patient’s hair to help stimulate growth. The procedure, named Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), is being used on the scalp as it can apparently stimulate dormant hair follicles and encourage them to start growing again. It is a potential form of treatment for men or women who suffer with hair loss either through genetic predisposition, hormonal issues, trauma or alopecia. The treatment, which takes around an hour and a half, involves taking four syringes of the patient’s blood and putting it in a centrifuge (a rotating piece of medical equipment) to separate the plasma from the red blood cells – this is the same technique as PRP for the face. Local anaesthetic injections are then injected into the scalp, which will ensure the area is numb. The scalp is then stimulated with a dermaroller. Once the syringes are ready, the PRP is injected into the scalp – primarily in the areas of concern.”

Mother who refused abortion after her waters broke at 16 weeks gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby boy: “A pregnant mother whose waters broke at 16 weeks refused to abort her unborn child, despite doctors warning he had just a one per cent chance of survival. Katy Evans was devastated when she was warned her baby was unlikely to live, with experts advising she have a termination due to the high risk of serious infection. But the 35-year-old was adamant and refused to give up, determined to let nature take its course. Incredibly, two weeks later, scans revealed her waters had replenished themselves in her womb – something doctors treating her had never seen before. Five months later, Mrs Evans and her husband Rich welcomed their ‘miracle son’ Leo, a brother to their three-year-old daughter Amber. Doctors warned the couple that their unborn child had less than one per cent chance of survival. And even if it did survive, it might develop without limbs or be born unable to breathe. ‘I’m a positive person, by nature, and I refused to give up on the pregnancy or mourn this baby until we knew exactly what was happening,’ she said.”

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  1. It’s a GERMAN machine naturally…….That’s how!

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