A big pussycat

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This woman in the video found this lion injured in the forest ready to die. She took the lion with her and nursed the lion back to health. when the lion was better she made arrangements with a zoo to take the lion and give it a new and happy home.

This video was taken when the woman after some time went to go visit the lion to see how he was doing. watch the lion’s reaction when he sees her. Amazing!!!!!




Odd news from around the world

Australian football commentator makes a blunder: “LIFE can be brutal in live broadcasting. Every word scrutinised. Every mistake there for the world to see. Just ask AFL commentator Luke Darcy, who was trending on Twitter during Saturday’s thrilling preliminary final between Hawthorn and Port Adelaide for all the wrong reasons. The Twitterati don’t miss much, so when Darcy unfortunately declared, “The lights are coming on, it is getting a bit overcast,” the tweets flew in thick and fast. You see, it was nearing 6pm at the MCG. Night time.”

Mystery plant identified: “When a green-fingered pensioner spotted a new species of plant growing in her carefully-cultivated garden, she naturally called on her local radio station for help identifying it. But instead of receiving advice on how to get rid of a troublesome weed, Patricia Hewitson discovered she had actually been growing a five-foot-tall cannabis plant. Mrs Hewitson, who sent a photograph of the plant to BBC Radio Devon’s gardening programme, said she had received some “interesting” emails after asking for help. Local police have assured her she will not be prosecuted, after cultivating the healthy plant in good faith. It is believed the cannabis plant grew from a seed which fell from the bird feeder hanging above the flowerbed. Mrs Hewitson, from Exmouth, has now been advised to cut the plant up, take it to a police station or discard it safely on her compost heap. Police confirmed it is illegal to grow cannabis without a licence, but said they would not pursue the matter any further because of the “mitigating circumstances”.

Luxury French airline: “Forget back of the bus, cattle or economy class, a boutique airline company in France has launched an exclusively all-business class flights at comparatively budget prices. Trying to make business class more accessible to everyone, French airline La Compagnie offers passengers a round trip from Paris to New York for just £945 (€1200) – more than £2000 cheaper than the same trip with Air France. Launched by L’Avion founder Frantz Yvelin and former Swissair and JetAirways COO Peter Luethi in July, the company sets to bring business class service ‘back to where it belongs.’ ‘With French style and American dependability, La Compagnie will become the choice of the current generation of hard-working business travelers who demand something more from air transportation’ says Yvelin. La Compagnie will operate a fleet of redesigned Boeing 757-200 aircraft, with 74 seats, that recline 180 degrees, set in a 2×2 formation throughout the aircraft.

Amazon’s secret annual party for the world’s leading authors: “Right now, some of the most popular authors in the world are rumored to be gathering in Santa Fe, Mexico for a super-secret weekend organized by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The weekend event called Campfire is in its fifth year, and takes place at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa, where the literary elite are treated to opulent meals and luxury gifts on Bezos’ dime. Though the New York Times reports that Campfire attendees are not required to sign nondisclosure forms, most keep the event to themselves at the request of Bezos. Those attending this year’s event are slated to enjoy formal talks with other literary influencers, catered dinners, live music, horseback riding and skeet shooting. In past years, attendees have received free vests, fleece sweaters, shoulder bags and small suitcases to lug all of their gifts home with – many on free chartered planes.

Surfer’s nightmare: “Paddling directly towards a great white shark would be a surfer’s worst nightmare. But these two paddle boarders were completely unaware of the potential dangers lurking just metres from them when they took to the surf on the NSW Central Coast last Friday. Footage shot by drone pilot Tom Caska captured the moment a huge shark started following a sea of fish 50 metres off the shore at Killcare Beach. Mr Caska’s brother Andrew was on one of the three-metre long paddle boards when the shark started circling. But remarkably, no one was fully aware of how close he came until they looked back on the drone footage. The shark, believed to be a great white, and the school of fish are clearly visibly in the aerial photo just metres from several surfers. ‘Came in after that big school of fish. Must be careful in the water this time of year as the whites migrate south again,’ he wrote. It comes after a 50-year-old man was killed after a suspected great white attacked him at Byron Bay earlier this month.

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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  1. That party for authors is in Santa Fe, NEW Mexico. There is an omission in the article.

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