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Odd news from around the world

Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs also ‘reset plant species’: Impact caused fast-growing trees to flourish on Earth: “Around 66 million years ago, a six mile-wide (10km) asteroid smashed into the Earth off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsular. The impact wiped out three quarters of all plant and animal species – including the dinosaurs – triggering mega-tsunami, wildfires, global earthquakes. But even Armageddon can have a silver lining, according to a new discovery which claims the event proved a turning point for the plants that now dominate vegetation on Earth. After the impact, fast-growing seasonal species of plants rapidly began to take over from evergreens. ‘If you think about a mass extinction caused by catastrophic event such as a meteorite impacting Earth, you might imagine all species are equally likely to die,’ said lead scientist Dr Benjamin Blonder, from the University of Arizona. ‘Survival of the fittest doesn’t apply – the impact is like a reset button. ‘The alternative hypothesis, however, is that some species had properties that enabled them to survive.

British mail carriers trial unicycles: “The traditional image of the postman using bicycles and vans to get around may be consigned to history if a revolutionary new electric unicycle is a success. Now deliveries will be getting the sci-fi treatment – with postmen trialling an electric unicycle to distribute post to customers. The modern eco-friendly AirWheel has a top speed of 12mph and an inbuilt stabiliser that allows riders to travel wherever pedestrians go – including sand and dirt tracks. Employees of Whistl – formerly TNT Post – have begun to trial the gadget in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. The gadget – which has a range of 28 miles and recharges when it goes downhill – was met with astonished reactions from onlookers on Monday. The UK’s second largest delivery company’s initiative mirrors Amazon’s plan to deliver goods to customers by unmanned drones – but that idea is several years away from implementation.”

Hong Kong hotelier orders £20 million worth of Rolls Royces: “A flamboyant businessman has splashed out £20million on 30 bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantoms – the biggest ever single order for the manufacturer. As part of the deal Stephen Hung will get two of the most expensive Phantoms ever commissioned. Mr Hung plans to use the red extended-wheelbase models as taxis to ferry clients to his ultra-posh Louis XIII hotel in Macau, when the venue opens in 2016. The red Phantoms will be extensively customised and will include diamond-encrusted features and two will also feature external and internal gold-plated detailing. Rolls-Royce refused to say how much the deal is costing Mr Hung, but a typical extended Phantom costs more than £500,000. The two most expensive Phantoms will feature external and internal gold-plated detailing while the fleet are thought to come with a series of diamond-encrusted features. Rolls-Royce has also helped to design the parking and driveways to house the fleet at Louis XIII and will train its chauffeurs how to drive them. The hotel will have suites that cost in excess of £75,000 a night.”

Estate agent fired after security camera records him pinching chocolate bar from tenant’s flat: “It was in a perfect location with easy access and no other takers. So when this estate agent saw the tempting Galaxy bar during a property viewing, he decided to move in and take immediate possession. The 25-year-old, identified only as George, was spotted on camera last week stealing the treat as he showed prospective tenants around a flat. He makes sure the clients are out of sight before grabbing the chocolate bar and slipping it into a pocket in his purple suit. The theft was caught on a covert security camera installed in the property by its current tenant, Jon Charter, who was testing the device for a house he is moving to. After seeing the agent steal the chocolate, which had been bought for him by his wife as a birthday present, he called the police. George has since claimed in text messages that he was ‘desperate’ for sugar because he felt faint but his bosses have fired him.”

‘Swearing’ Barbie doll shocks mother as it blurts out ”What the f***?”: :Toy manufacturer Mattel has launched an investigation over claims that one of its Barbie dolls, instead of talking about glitter, pink dresses and parties, blurts out a four letter word. Talina Evans gave her daughter the longed-for Barbie doll as a special treat. But the young mother was shocked when her seven-year-old child’s new toy apparently swore, exclaiming . “What the f***?” as her daughter Demileigh played with it. Ms Evans, 25, claims that she could hear the doll – which is based on Barbie’s web reality series, Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse – utter the obscenity. The doll is programmed to say 15 different phrases, including“Amaze”, “I love a makeover”, “There is no substitute for glitter”, and “To the salon!”. But Ms Evans, who is pregnant with her second child, said she was left mortified when she claims to have heard the doll swear.”

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