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Odd news from around the world

Families shocked by gummy mix-up: “A confectionery company is dealing with a sticky situation after penis-shaped gummy lollies made their way into some of its packs, costing the company thousands of dollars in recalls. New Zealand confectionery company Dutch Rusk imported five pallets of the gummy lollies, called Dragon Sweets, from a Chinese manufacturer about six weeks ago.Two weeks later the company started receiving complaints from people who discovered the phallic gummies in their mixed gummy pack. Dutch Rusk managing director of sales Jack Van de Geest said the company immediately recalled the lollies once it started receiving complaints. One out of every 20 or 30 bags would have one or two little gummy penises in them, he said.”

‘Unrestrained wild beasts who eat food so greasy it needs detergent’: Portuguese view of England: “A best-selling book written by a Portuguese academic has offered a dismal portrayal of English people, calling them ‘unrestrained wild beasts who eat food so greasy it needs detergent’. Joao Magueijo, 47, a physics professor at Imperial College London, has seen his book, Bifes Mal Passados (Undercooked Beef) sell more than 20,000 copies in his native country. Despite spending 25 years of his life on these shores, he describes England as ‘one of the most rigid and rotten societies in Europe, possibly the world’. He says the English are ‘always fighting’ and claims ‘I never met such a group of animals’ – English culture is pathologically violent’. Describing a four-hour wait in a Blackpool hospital’s A&E department one Sunday afternoon, he says ‘it looked like a field hospital after battle’.”

Vintage racing car sells for record-breaking price of £1.5m at auction: “An iconic pre-war racing car designed by the father of Bentley Motors has sold for £1.5 million at an auction. It was a world record price for the famed British marque at auction. The Lagonda LG45R Rapide – known simply by its registration plate ‘EPE 97’ – has been described as ‘the most famous Lagonda of all’. This beautiful burnt-red two-seater vehicle that could reach 100mph was built in 1936 after Lagonda had appointed W.O. Bentley – the man who started Bentley Motor Cars in 1919 – as their chief designer. The EPE 97 was developed after Lagonda was purchased by businessman Alan Good to help stop their financial decline. Good appointed W.O. Bentley, who was pivotal in transforming the flailing company as the first Lagonda designer to use a V-12 engine. The EPE 97 was sold for £1,569,500 when it went under the hammer at Bonhams’ Goodwood Revival sale.”

World’s first lane for pedestrians who cannot resist using their phones while walking: “The world’s first lane for mobile phone addicts who cannot put down their beloved devices has been created. The 100ft-stretch of pavement in the Chinese city of Chongqing has a lane specially painted for people who have their eyes glued to their screens. It has a picture of a phone etched on the ground, the word ‘cell phone’ written down and a thick white line separating it from the rest of the pavement. The lane was set up in response to the growing number of people who are addicted to their phone – which is a major issue in China. The idea for the mobile phone lane, on Foreigner Street, appears to have been copied almost exactly from a project by a television programme on the National Geographic channel earlier this year. That programme found only a few people changed which side of the pavement they walked on after spotting the signs. However, officials in China said the markings would help to quietly remind pedestrians that ‘it is best not to play with your phone while walking’.”

Trapped giant manta ray swims free after approaching scuba divers in desperate plea to be cut from fishing lines: “Divers off the the coast of Costa Rica were recently approached by a massive manta ray, but what could have been a rattling encounter for the scuba divers suddenly became an humanitarian mission. Amazingly, the massive winged fish–which was entangled in painful-looking fishing line–appeared to be pleading with the international dive team for help being set free. The shocked divers obliged, cutting the thick cords from the ray, whose species can weigh as much as 5,000 pounds and have a wingspan of 18 feet. Once freed, the manta did a backflip of joy and the astounding encounter was all caught on video by one of the divers. Scientists believe the ray has the largest brain of all fish species. Like other massive ocean animals such as whale sharks and the largest of whales, mantas are filter feeders and eat only the ocean’s tiniest organisms.”

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