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Odd news from around the world

Nude man hogtied by witnesses in Western Australia after alleged ‘attempted carjackings’: “A NAKED man was crash-tackled and hogtied by horrified witnesses after he allegedly tried to carjack several drivers in Western Australia. WA Police said the man in this mid 20s tried to stop three cars on the Brookton Highway in Karagullen, about half an hour south east of Perth. Phil Ferraro and his daughter Frankie were driving past when they saw a man trapped in an overturned ute and stopped to help. He soon realised the driver was the victim of an attempted carjacking — and the alleged culprit was continuing to target other drivers. “This guy had run out from the bush (and) smashed the (driver’s) windscreen,” Mr Ferraro told Channel 9. A woman who had also stopped to help was then allegedly attacked by the same man. The alleged carjacker took off his clothes as he ran down the road, while the ute [pickup] driver called his brother and a friend for help. “They caught him, king hit him and then tied the naked guys arms and legs behind his head and left him in the dirt for the police and ambulance.”

Poisonous centipede terrifies first class passengers: “FIRST class flyers were treated to more than champagne and hot towels on board a recent flight to Auckland in which a poisonous centipede made itself at home in the luxury cabin. The unwelcome visitor appeared during a flight from the Samoan capital Apia and tried to crawl up the leg of a first class passenger. “The passenger apparently brushed off the centipede, which scuttled off, causing some commotion in the cabin,” said Craig Hughes, responsible for border clearance at the Ministry for Primary Industries. “By the size of its claws, it would have at least caused a nasty nip.” The 10cm-long bug, which probably hitched a ride in a passenger’s carry-on luggage, was destroyed by quarantine inspectors when the plane arrived in Auckland.

84-year-old Australian hunter lives with the largest captive croc in the world: “A crocodile hunter who spent 17 years in pursuit of the dangerous animals now lives with the biggest captive crocodile in the world. George Craig, 84, from Green Island, Australia, captured dangerous crocodile Cassius – who is 18ft-long and weighs a tonne – 30 years ago, and the pair have lived together ever since. George has fed Cassius every day for 30 years and has a soft spot for the gigantic animal. George captured Cassius in 1987 from a river in the Northern Territory, where he was notorious for his huge size – and was under threat of being hunted down and killed by the local population. Cassisus, who is missing his front left leg and tip of his tail due to vicious fights, was deemed a massive threat to humans after attacking boats. So George set about capturing him to save his life, and bringing him to live in his sanctuary.”

Rusty 1961 Jaguar E-type that doesn’t run sells for £78,000… now its new owner just needs to spend another £120,000 to get it on the road : “A rusty old Jaguar convertible which does not run has sold at auction for more than £77,000 – nearly five times its estimate – and the new owner will now have to spend another £120,000 to get it on the road. It is one of the extremely rare ‘Flat Floor’ models, of which there are thought to be just 170 left in existence. The car has been off the road and hidden away for the last 20 years. When it is back on the road, the E-Type’s 3.8-litre engine will develop around 265 brake horse power. This will give the convertible sports car a 0-60mph time of seven seconds and a top speed in excess of 150mph.

Happy dog: “Dogs love playing in the water – but when it comes to getting clean, it truly is a dog’s life! This pampered pooch lays back and enjoys a good soapy scrub down as his owner gives him all the love, attention and bubbles a dog could ask for. Head back and paws out-stretched the pup is extremely cooperative as the puppy is given a nice wash. Laying on his back with his paws in the air it appeared as though the pup was having treatments more akin to a fine animal spa. His owner continued to scrub him, paw by paw, and wipe away the grime. The dog amiably extends his feet for them to be given a proper scrub down. At one point it looks as though he has drifted off to doggy dreamland as the soaps suds scrub him clean.

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