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Odd news from around the world

Litter pickers are banned by British council – because they had no litter-picking training!: “They simply wanted to smarten up their local area, and were happy to give up their own time to do it. But one group of neighbours faced an unexpected obstacle as they prepared to take up litter-pickers and clean up their street … the local council. It informed the residents that under health and safety legislation, it had no choice but to order them to down tools because they had not been trained to use them. Yesterday the volunteers – part of a network backed by none other than the local council – said they were ‘stunned’ by the demand. Dawn Gee, who was among those planning to help spruce up Clarence Road in the Normanton area of Derby, said: ‘We have been collecting litter for a number of years and were issued with a small amount of litter-pickers to support us doing this. ‘Why are we now being told we cannot use them without training – why now? ‘We have worked very hard trying to empower people into taking responsibility to pick up litter in front of their own properties. This action can have the opposing effect.’”

The three mast barquentine ‘Thalassa’ from The Netherlands

Tall ships sail down the Thames: “The largest fleet of Tall Ships to have visited London in 25 years – some more than a century old – sailed into Greenwich yesterday for the start of a four-day festival on the River Thames. With their towering sails billowing in the wind, more than 50 vessels, including 11 magnificent square-sail ships, descended on the south east corner of the capital for the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta. Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected to turn out to watch the vessels sail past famous landmarks such as Canary Wharf, the 02, the Thames Cable car and the Royal Docks. It is London’s first regatta for 25 years and the first time a Tall Ships race has both started and finished in a UK port. Imposing ships have come from around the globe to take part the event, including from Spain, Holland, Portugal, Poland and Russia. The participating vessels include Tenacious, the largest wooden tall ship of her kind which has been sailed by a crew with physical disabilities from the Jubilee Sailing Trust. The event began in Falmouth and saw the ships race from the Cornish Port to the Isle of Wight, before cruising to the capital.”

The last Hawker Hurricane fighter: “THE only Hurricane that fought in the Battle of Britain and is still flying today is up for sale for £2.5 million – more than 30 years after it was found as scrap in India. The aircraft, which regularly takes part in flypasts, was restored by a vintage car buff who discovered the wreck by chance while seeking old Rolls-Royces. But retired businessman Peter Vacher is now selling the 1940 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 through an American dealer, fuelling fears that it could be lost to Britain. Hurricane R4118 flew 49 combat sorties during the worst days of the fighting and shot down five enemy aircraft. Hurricanes, alongside Spitfires, were at the centre of the country’s heroic defence of the skies in 1940 and had a crucial role until the end of the war, but the vast majority were then scrapped. The former printer spotted the aircraft’s rotting hulk in 1982 on a visit to a university at Benares, north-east India, but did not immediately realise what it was. The plane had been given to engineering students in 1947 after the war in the Far East came to an end. The fuselage was lying in a compound with the propeller, wings and tailplane spread out over the ground.”

Inside the tiny town built for sex offenders: “Some wear GPS devices that are constantly monitored by police. Others have fled their homes; repudiated by the local community for being a registered sex offender. And all of them – from those charged with possessing child pornography to ones caught having sex with a minor and molestation – are there to ‘repent their sins’. Welcome to Miracle Village, a tiny church town spanning about 20 acres on the edge of Everglades in south Florida, which was established in 2009 as a spiritual safe haven for sex offenders and their families. With a population of about 200, it is believed to be the largest sex offender community in the United States. Brooklyn-based photographer Noah Rabinowitz has captured a fascinating inside look at the town, which is surrounded by sugarcane fields and was built in the 1960s to house workers. ‘There are no violent criminals in the town, [which is] a strict guideline to admission,’ Rabinowitz told Feature Shoot. ‘It is a deeply religious, tight knit and strictly self-governed community”

Loose steering wheel comes off in bus driver’s hands: “An amusing video has emerged of a bus driver in Malta struggling to drive with a loose steering wheel. The footage, captured by tourist Hannah Billen in June, shows the driver attempting to operate the bus despite the steering wheel becoming detached. The driver can be seen battling to manoeuvre the vehicle with the rickety wheel until it eventually falls off in his hands. “Luckily the bus had just finished driving round a corner before it came off. The driver then waved it to a fellow bus driver before telling the passengers to get off and wait for another bus – leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere!” Hannah later wrote online. According to local reports, the driver has been suspended by Malta Public Transport for unsafe conduct.”

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