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Odd news from around the world

Australian Man drinks perfume to avoid arrest: “A drunk man tried to trick police by drinking a bottle of perfume when he was pulled over for speeding, it is alleged. Police intercepted the man on the Pacific Motorway about 6am on Saturday after he was detected speeding, and upon pulling him over noticed the strong smell of perfume and alcohol. It is alleged the 30-year-old was more than five times over the legal alcohol limit, recording a reading of .293. According to police, he also consumed a bottle of perfume in a bid to evade detection, and was sent to hospital for treatment. The Woodridge man was charged with disobeying the speed limit and high-range drink driving. He is due to appear at Holland Park Magistrates Courts on September 29.

Tiny dog: “Out for walkies, tiny Tyson’s little legs don’t look like they’ll get him too far. But the energetic chihuahua and Ihasa cross’s miniature frame could well put him in the running for the title of Britain’s smallest dog. The five-month-old pup weighs 13oz and stands 4in tall to the shoulder. His owner Rosemarie McLinden cannot find a collar to fit him – so took him for a walk on a ferret harness. ‘He is so delicate he doesn’t run around as much as other puppies but he still does like to give a chew toy a good bashing,’ she said. Tyson was rejected by his siblings at birth and struggled to get his mother’s attention, so Mrs McLinden, 46, of Keal, Lincolnshire, fed him by hand.
The mother-of-four said: ‘We had to take him from the litter…they think of him as a squeaky toy.’ ‘He hasn’t grown any taller although he’s filled out,’ Mrs McLinden said. ‘When he’s bathed he shrinks to nothing because he is all fur.'”

Deer run along Golden Gate Bridge: “Why did the deer cross the bridge? To get to the other side. Two deer surprised onlookers as they took a walk on San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge on Friday evening, holding up the evening’s peak hour traffic. California Highway Patrol were called but were called off while en route because the deer were already off the bridge and on their way to their destination somewhere in Marin.

Man climbs into the crater of an active volcano: “After scrambling 1200 feet down into the crater of Marum Volcano on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu, Mr Kourounis dons a protective heat suit and gets extremely close to the lava. “It is one of only 5 places in the world with persistent lava lakes. Getting to it was kind of like a reverse climbing of Everest” he later wrote online. “The volcano fought back at us, and we had to deal with terrible weather, tremendous heat from the lava, descending and ascending 400 meters of near vertical, loose rock face, acid rain so strong that it could have come from a car battery, and a variety of other craziness. The lava melted part of one of my cameras, I got splashed by small chunks of glowing hot lava which melted a hole in my rain jacket, and my protective heat suit is now ruined from the intense acid rain.”

Crocodile skin handbag encrusted with 245 diamonds has price tag of £125,000: “Sharp elbows may be required when this handbag goes under the hammer – because it’s the most desirable one in the world. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham are all proud owners of iconic Hermès ‘Birkin’ bags, and the emergence of this unique version is sure to create a bidding war. The plush accessory is made from crocodile skin with white gold clasps and studded with diamonds, and experts say it could smash the £125,000 world record for a handbag paid in 2011. Experts say the bag, which is in pristine condition, is the most spectacular one ever made by the Parisian fashion house. Kathleen Guzman, managing director at Heritage Auctions, which is selling the bag, said: ‘A 30cm Diamond Himalayan Birkin is possibly the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. ‘This is the only time that a bag of this calibre has appeared on the luxury re-sale market. This is a dream piece for the collection of true Hermes aficionados.'”

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