A great university commencement address

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Warning: Some Christianity ahead

Speech delivered at Abilene Christian university, Texas




Odd news from around the world

The Australian man who woke from a coma speaking fluent CHINESE (but couldn’t remember English): “Two years ago Ben McMahon woke up from a coma more than a week after a horrific car crash that almost claimed his life only being able to speak Mandarin. The 22-year-old remembers how he woke up and saw a nurse who looked Asian standing by his bed and said to her ‘Excuse me nurse, I feel really sore here’ in Chinese. His new-found language skills baffled his doctors as well as his parents. ‘Neither of us can speak Mandarin. Despite taking Mandarin at school, Ben had never been fluent at the language. ‘I wasn’t consciously thinking I was speaking Mandarin, it was what just came out and it was what was most natural to me,’ he said. It took Ben two or three more days to recall how to speak English. Since then, Ben’s language skills have open new opportunities to him like leading Chinese tours of his hometown and hosting a Mandarin television program. Now the Melbourne man has moved to Shanghai to study commerce at university.”

Toxic tattoo: “A boy of three went into toxic shock after a holiday henna tattoo left him struggling to breathe in a hospital burns unit. Ellis Burke’s arm started reacting to the black henna Spiderman tattoo almost immediately after having it done while in Marbella, Spain. Days later back in Oldham, Greater Manchester, he began struggling to breathe, had a high temperature and started vomiting so his worried parents called an ambulance. He was taken to the Royal Oldham Hospital and later discharged. But the next day when he was no better his mum took him to the Oldham Integrated Care Centre where they diagnosed severe toxic shock and immediately sent him to the children’s burns unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Ellis was forced to spend the night there while they stabilised his condition and cleaned up his wounds. His mother Shabana Murray says Ellis has had a terrible ordeal and she warned against anyone having the black henna tattoo”

Chinese school builds 200m running track their ROOF: “When it comes to physical education at this school in China, pole vaulting is strictly forbidden. Long jump and the hurdles are probably frowned upon, too. Students are encouraged to keep their feet firmly on the ground, because they keep fit four-storeys up – on the roof. The elementary school in Tiantai, Zhejiang province, boasts a 200m running track on its roof, built because of a lack of construction land on the campus. The track meets the needs of 1,600 students for physical education, Qiu Tianguo, the head of the school said. To keep the students safe there are three protective layers. On the outside is a 1.8metre-tall (six-foot) glass wall, in the middle a green belt and closest to the track is a 1.2 metre (four-foot) steel rail, according to Ecns.cn.

Fleet of robots now provide food for 1,000 patients at £430m super hospital: “Robots which can open doors and operate lifts without any help from humans are being used to deliver food to almost 1,000 patients around a new £430m hospital. Southmead Hospital in Bristol has brought in a the fleet of Automatic Guided Vehicles to pick up food and deliver them to patients. The droids, which start work every day at 10.15am, are even able to do the preparation work, by transferring chilled dishes to kitchens and heating up the food. After completing their rounds, the 1ft tall machines return to their charging stations until they need to be used again for dinner. Catering manager Gary Wilkins said it was as simple as pressing a button and the machines did the rest. He said: ‘They (the robots) are very slick and very quick. At first you are a bit worried about whether it is all going to work, but they are amazing.'”

Mongoose takes on FOUR lions… and wins: “They are known as being among the most dangerous predators in the world, but these four lions were left with their tails between their legs after they were brought down a peg or two by a brave mongoose. Despite being much smaller than its four challengers, the aggressive mongoose growled at the big cats and even bit one of them on the nose. Photographer Jerome Guillaumot came across the scene in the Masaa Mara National Park, in Kenya, after spotting the four young lions surrounding the terrified marsh mongoose. It soon became apparent however that the carnivore, while being less than 2ft tall, could handle itself as it avoided each attack by dodging and growling at the lions. The mongoose finally managed to escape from the predators into a nearby hole, but remarkably re-emerged to re-engage the confused cats. After bewildering the lions further, the mongoose made its final escape into a covered area unscathed and the predators were left to lick their wounds.

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