Guess What This Is

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No reason to stand on your feet waiting to get your welfare check.

Just put your shoes next in line and go back and sit on your butt and play games on your iPhone.

Is this a great country or what?




Odd news from around the world

Italy’s wasteful public sector laid bare by doctor who has worked for just 15 days in the past nine years: “An Italian doctor has laid bare the country’s wasteful public sector after being permitted to work for just 15 days in the past nine years. The unnamed medic, 50, has used a series of reasons to shirk his duties in the casualty department of a hospital near Catania, Sicily, since 2005. These include attending three and five-year university training courses, calling in sick, taking paid leave for ‘family’ reasons and obtaining a doctorate. Now, he is the subject of an inquiry at the hospital after being cited as the latest example of how thousands of Italian civil servants are able to avoid work by finding loopholes in the rules. Speaking of the doctor’s time off, Sicilian paper Giornale di Siracusa said: ‘We are all paying for this, from his training courses to his illnesses, to his family leave. However, the medic said he was ‘perplexed’ by the public outcry, adding, ‘Everything I did was legal and proper. He is now reportedly planning to stay off work until December 2016 to complete a phD, said ANSA.”

Biblical plague of locusts swarm Madagasca as billions of the insects make their annual migration: “These incredible photos capture the biblical-like scenes in Madagascar where a plague of locusts – numbering in their billions – have descended on the country’s farmland for the third year running. An enormous dark cloud of the flying insects is pictured obscuring the sky in the east African island country’s capital of Antananarivo, sparking panic for Madagascar’s nine million agricultural workers. Left to themselves, the locusts would devastate the country’s agriculture, each consuming around two grams of food each day that they are among crops. Desperate farmers have been attempting to protect their land by starting fires and increasing their use of insecticides, the Independent reports. It is estimated that the largest swarms have covered hundreds of square miles and consisted of many billions of locusts.

The English blamed for Pacific islander obesity: “British colonisers turned Pacific islanders into some of the fattest people in the world by trying civilise them with fried food, a study by Oxford University has found. Islanders on Nauru and the Cook Islands in the Pacific have the highest levels of obesity in the world. Their average weight gain is increasing at four times the global average, 4.4lbs per decade (2kg) compared with global average of 1.1lbs (0.5kg). Now researchers at Oxford believe they are discovered the source of their obesity. They suggest that social changes, introduced when the islands were under colonial rule, have significantly contributed to unhealthy diets. Anthropologists Dr Amy McLennan and Professor Stanley Ulijaszek found that islanders lost many of their traditional food cultivation, preparation and preserving skills after settlers insisted that they learn western ways of eating. They taught the locals to fry fish rather than eat it raw, and forced them to import unhealthy produce after co-opting farmland for mining.” [They’ve been independent since the ’60s so how come they are STILL putting on weight?]

Grump v grinner: who’s the winner?: “Michelle Blum, executive general manager NSW/ACT, Australian Institute of Management, says both grumps and grinners can be productive team players, although management research supports the idea that positive people with positive energy are more creative, productive and have higher job satisfaction. “Positive people are generally better at getting things done. They can also drive others to achieve,” says Blum. In her experience, Blum says people who play a ‘black hat’ role provide an important counterbalance to the more positive people in the business. “You need to have that person who asks the challenging questions, the person who is more cynical about what you’re doing; it’s a really important role. It means you have to prove yourself and the business case behind your ideas, so cynical people can help a business perform better.” Nevertheless, Blum says when people are energetic and passionate, it rubs off on those around them. “You become excited too; so there’s a limit to how much effect a ‘black hat’ can have – you need some of that dynamic, but you also need the positive people.”

Jail for woman who was caught on camera stealing ENTIRE front lawn: “A woman has been jailed for three months after she ripped up a neighbour’s newly-laid front lawn and walked off with it down the street. Maureen McKenna took 40 minutes to carry out the theft in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, as she and an accomplice returned seven times and even stopped for a cigarette break. But unfortunately for McKenna her bizarre 5am raid on July 24 was caught on CCTV – which prompted hilarity when it spread online and led to swift action by the police. While McKenna’s accomplice has not been traced, police tracked down McKenna after the footage was made public. They arrested her yesterday and charged her with theft. Lancashire Police said the 59-year-old appeared at Ormskirk Magistrates Court today where she was sentenced to three months in prison. The force was unable to provide any background of why the theft happened or how McKenna justified her crime.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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