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Odd news from around the world

Chef dies after spitting cobra he was cooking bit him on the hand – 20 minutes after he had cut its head off: “A chef preparing a dish made from cobra flesh died after the snake bit his hand – 20 minutes after he had severed it from its body. Peng Fan from Foshan, Guangdong province, southern China, had been preparing a special dish made from Indochinese spitting cobra, a rare delicacy. It was as he went to chuck the cobra’s head in the bin that it bit him, injecting Mr Peng with its flesh-killing, neurotoxic venom. The snake was being diced up to be made into snake soup, which is a delicacy in Guangdong and a much sought after dish in the province’s high-end restaurants. Police say Peng died before he could be given life saving anti-venom in hospital. Victims of the Indochinese spitting cobra generally asphyxiate after the neurotoxin paralyses their respiratory system.”

Widow, 80, shocked after opening letter from pension company letter offering condolences for her OWN death: “A frail 80-year-old widow received a letter informing her that she had died – thanks to an error by her pension provider. Standard Life sent ‘condolences’ in the message to her address, where she has lived alone for years. The letter also made clear that her pension payments had been stopped. The woman, whose identity was not revealed, said she was ‘extremely upset’ by the letter, which is dated July 2014 and refers to a payment the previous month. Neighbours contacted Standard Life on her behalf, and were able to re-start her pension payments and secure her £50 by way of apology. Later she told the newspaper: ‘Fortunately I still have my wits about me, but I dread to think what the consequences could have been for someone in more fragile health than myself.”

Swedish police in cavalry charge at far-Left rioters: “At least five people have been injured after mounted police rode into a large group of anti-Nazi protestors during a demonstration in Malmo, Sweden. More than 2,000 people had turned up to protest against a meeting held by the neo-Nazi Svenskarnas Parti (The Swedes’ Party) in a square near the Oresund Bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark on Saturday afternoon. The protest soon turned violent, with activists attacking police and horses, and in an attempt to disperse the crowd, police rode in full gallop through a group of 300-400 people. Neo-nazi party Svenskarnas Parti had arranged a meeting in a square in the Limhamn area of Malmoe on Saturday ahead of the national elections next month. Although party leader Stefan Jacobson only attracted a few dozen supporters, thousands turned up to protest against the meeting, including hundreds from Denmark. The protest soon descended into chaos, a police spokesperson said, and a number of demonstrators turn on police and attacking staff and horses, throwing rocks and flares. A group of people blocking a street refused to disperse, after which mounted police rode in full gallop into the crowd.”

Over 11,500ft above sea level and no protective barriers; Terrifying mountain pass in India: “Used as a route between Ladakh and Kashmir, the Zojila mountain pass is located at a staggering 11,580ft above sea level and is enclosed by Kashmir valley on one side and Drass valley on the other. The narrow road is on the western section of the Himalayas mountain range and is part of the 275-mile long route from Srinagar to Leh. It is said to be one of the most dangerous passes in the world, not just because it is extremely narrow and has no barriers, but also because of the vicious winds and heavy snowfall that often affect the region. The route is a lifeline that keeps the people of Ladakh in touch with the rest of the world, but it is often closed during winter due to heavy snow, which can be anywhere between 15 and 24 metres deep. There have been over 60 landslides on the pass and, in 2009, police had to rescue 350 people who had become stranded on the road due to heavy snowfall.”

Fur flies over the luxury clutch bags and iPad cases made out of deer fur: “It’s the dappled brown fur many of us first laid eyes on watching Disney’s Bambi. But now the same soft hide has been turned into a luxury fashion accessory – to the horror of animal rights campaigners. Marketed as ‘for the individualist’, a collection of deer fur clutch bags and iPad cases has been designed by Rosemary Hobrough – whose husband is a deer stalker. Her Dorset-based company Rah & Co launched this year and sells the bags online for up to £110. But a spokesman from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has urged people to boycott the products. He said: ‘People would rather be caught dead than wearing Bambi. Managed deer culling is legal in the UK, and is used as a form of population control to prevent the animals starving or falling victim to disease.”

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