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Odd news from around the world

Two men ‘killed farmworker by pelting him with oranges’: “TWO men in rural South Africa are suspected of killing a farmworker with oranges, police said. Citing witness accounts, police Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said the suspects allegedly argued with the man, then collected oranges and began hurling them at him. “They started pelting the deceased with all those loose oranges, killing him on the spot,” Ngoepe said. However, he cautioned that an investigation was still underway and aspects of a case he described as “complicated” still had to be verified. The man was declared dead at the scene and he had no “visible injury”, suggesting he may have suffered blunt trauma, according to Ngoepe. Police and prosecutors are awaiting the results of an autopsy. The suspects were detained on Tuesday and later released pending formal charges, which could include murder. The assault happened near Tzaneen, a town in Limpopo province in northern South Africa.”

Bizarre scenes in Beijing as thirsty residents dig WELLS across capital due to chronic water shortage: “People in Beijing have been forced to dig their own wells because of a chronic water shortage. Huge holes have been dug in the narrow streets of the city’s Haidan District by families forced to act after being left without water for almost a month. Locals say their appeals to authorities for help have not been answered and the wells, which are fitted with a special lining costing thousands of pounds, are the only way for them to get fresh water. But their actions have been condemned by city council officials who say that any illegal wells will be concreted over and those responsible would probably face bills for the work. An Yao, who lives in Haidan’s Shuimo neighbourhood, along the western wall of the famous Tsinghua University, defended his community’s decision to take matters into their own hands. ‘My neighbours and I decided to act after the water supply in the community’s taps suddenly dried up some 20 days ago,’ he said. ‘They can’t expect us to keep flushing the toilets and bathing in mineral water. ‘What I was supposed to do?'”

Dangerous pool: “IT’S a beautiful location where people can soak up the incredible view of the crystal clear waters and tide pools, and watch sea turtles walk along the rocks. At first glance, it looks like one of the most relaxing destinations in the world. How could you not want to be here? But Queen’s Bath is seldom found on any popular travel guide. In fact, people have been petitioning for it to remain hidden for years. When the tides change and the waves get rough, the water can come crashing into the tide pools. And, of course, there’s no warning. One minute, you’re chilling in the tide pool. The next, a huge wave is crashing over you. In 2013, 11 people drowned at Queen’s Bath. Some were even swept out to sea. In 2013, Sue Kanoho, executive director of the Kauai Visitors Bureau, told The Seattle Times “she refuses to give directions to it.” But people still go back. The #queensbath tag on Instagram has over 5000 tagged photos, despite the many warnings tourists are given.”

A crumbling city in Africa that time forgot: “IT’S a crumbling lost city that time forgot. Believed to have been founded as early as the 7th century BC, Leptis Magna was one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities of the Roman world. Located in the ancient region of Tripolitania in Libya, Africa, it became a major Mediterranean trade centre over the years and was the site of an ambitious building program. However, this was halted when economic difficulties hit the Romans. Tragically, the city was pillaged in the 4th century and subjected to several enemy invasions. It was abandoned and fell into ruins after the Arab conquest of 642, and over time became buried under drifting sand. It became UNESCO World Heritage listed in 1982. The city is now being recovered, piece by piece, and contains some of the world’s finest remains of Roman architecture in the world. That includes an amphitheatre, well-preserved baths, basilica, circus and a massive four-way arch. There’s also an elaborate complex of buildings, and the ancient port still exists along with temples, jetties and quays.”

Summerville Police arrest student for writing he shot dead dinosaur: “YOU don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that dinosaurs became extinct about 66 million years ago. Yet a high school student’s statement that he shot dead his neighbour’s pet dinosaur saw police officers called to the school. Alex Stone, a 16-year-old student at Summerville High School in the town of Summerville in South Carolina, said that his class was asked to write a few sentences about themselves and to list a “status” as if they were filling in their Facebook page, WCSC-TV reported. The teen wrote “I killed my neighbour’s pet dinosaur.” In the status section, he said he wrote: “I bought the gun to take care of the business.” That prompted the school to call in Summerville Police Department. Stone was arrested and later charged with disorderly conduct after he argued with officers, who searched fruitlessly for a gun in his school bag and locker. He has also been suspended from school.”

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  1. Student arrested for writing he shot a dinosaur when the school called police–those are the kind of idiost who are in charge of schools and police now.

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