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Odd news from around the world

Woman finds 3ft boa constrictor in boot of second hand car she bought online: “Charlie Wise from Thatcham, in Berkshire, saw the Volkswagen Golf advertised on a social networking site and bought it for £200. She had taken it home to clean and lifted the boot where she and husband Guy Wise noticed what they thought was a rubber toy curled up in the back. But when it flicked its tongue in and out they realised it was in fact real and slammed the boot and ran away. The 23-year-old nursery worker said: ‘I bought a car come home to clean it out as right mess to find a huge live snake in the boot. After both the police and RSPCA said they were unable to help until morning, Mrs Wise called the Berkshire Reptile Rescue, at Bracknell, and specialist Grahame Martin came out to take the snake away. ‘The snake was in a very poor condition. It was highly dehydrated, and blind in one of its eyes. He is now taking care of all of its treatment.”

China gears up for Youth Olympics with sport themed flooring on special train: “Commuters in Nanjing have found themselves stepping into the biggest sporting stages in the world – or at least imitations of them, thanks to a subway train specially decorated to mark the 2014 Youth Olympics. The Chinese city is hosting the two-week long games, which feature 208 countries, 30 events and some of the world’s most promising young athletes. To mark the occasion, the floors of this subway train have been turned into football pitches, basketball courts and even swimming pools – complete with athletes motoring along underwater. Unsurprisingly, China currently sit top of the medal table, with 10 medals including four golds. Russia are second and Hungary are third, while the USA sit just outside the top three in fourth and Great Britain and tenth, with one gold, two silvers and a bronze. This is only the second ever Youth Olympics, after Britain claimed nine medals in the inaugural tournament in Singapore four years ago.”

‘I donate my eggs for money’: Mother-of-two sells them for £750 a pop: “A mum of two who donates her eggs for money, uses the cash she receives from the clinic to spoil her children- and even kit out her house with new carpets. Emma Frost, 25, has donated her eggs three times and received £2,250 for her efforts. She’s splurged the money on carpets for her home, a day trip for her two kids and revamps of their bedrooms. And Emma is hoping to donate another seven times – the maximum allowed – for £750 a go. ‘I feel passionate that everyone gets the chance to be a parent and I love giving people that opportunity.’ Having enjoyed being pregnant with daughter Bailey, six, but believing that she and partner Ben Hodgson were not going to have any more children of their own, she was keen to carry another baby, even if it was someone else’s. Emma applied to be an egg donor and found out when she arrived that there was compensation for the ten days of injections and short procedure under anaesthetic. In the last two years, she has donated eggs to three different woman who have all fallen pregnant.”

A REALLY wet wedding: “Moments after tying the knot, Gina Pageot and Sergio Capozzi’s love was tested when a giant wave crashed over them as they posed for a sunset snap on August 9. The newlyweds were saturated as they embraced by the ocean in La Jolla, California. Wedding photographer Belinda Mayberry who captured the moment said she was impressed at the couple’s stamina. ‘They laughed and said ‘screw it, lets keep going’,’ she told Huffington Post. ‘So as photographers, we were super excited and let them do their thing with the waves!’ ‘They had hundreds of onlookers cheering them on and their images hit every social media site hours after. I LOVED IT AND LOVED THEM!’

Doggy dialysis: 11-month old Labrador is first to survive mystery disease: “When Alba the labrador was diagnosed with a mysterious illness that has been killing dogs around the country, she was given just hours to live. Her devastated owners were handed one last hope, however: an eight-hour operation that vets warned might kill her. Now following treatment, Alba is back to normal. Now the 11-month-old has become the first dog to survive New Forest Syndrome, which causes catastrophic kidney failure, thanks to the pioneering treatment. Vets at the Queen Mother Animal Hospital in Hertfordshire cured Alba by pumping her blood through a dialysis machine which filtered out the pathogens that were attacking her body. The procedure, known as plasmapheresis, has been carried out on humans since the 1950s, but had never before been tried on a dog with New Forest Syndrome. The procedure was risky because the machine also removes the clotting agents in the blood that would allow the wound to heal, meaning Alba risked bleeding to death.”

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