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Odd news from around the world

King Richard III drank three litres of alcohol every day: “King Richard III would regularly consume three litres of alcohol a day, according to new medical research carried out on his skeleton. But the King was also a ferocious warrior who was more than capable of holding his own on a battlefield, despite suffering from curvature of the spine caused by the condition scoliosis. Scientists from the British Geological Survey and the University of Leicester have been able to build up a radical new picture of British history’s most maligned monarch by carrying out isotope tests on his bones and teeth. The tests have identified significant changes to his alcohol intake and diet after he was crowned in 1483, involving a 25 per cent increase in alcohol consumption and a taste for exotic birds such as swans, cranes, herons and egrets. The King’s wine intake was on top of the beer that he, along with other medieval men, drank when they were unwilling to trust the local water supply.”

Cambridge University seeks chocolate researcher: “It sounds like a dream come true, but Cambridge University is looking for a researcher to study how to keep chocolate solid even at warm temperatures. The fully funded three-and-a-half year research project will examine how the treat can remain solid when stored and sold in warm climates. Much of the work, supervised by academics with “extensive experience in studying soft solids”, will be experimental. It will be based in the university’s Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology and will start in January 2015. A job advert posted on the university’s website states that the role’s theoretical aspects “will require good mathematical skills”. “The project will investigate the factors which allow chocolate, which has a melting point close to that of the human body, to remain solid and retain qualities sought by consumers when it is stored and sold in warm climates,” the advert states. “The project sponsor has existing technology in this field and the project will develop a fundamental understanding of the area which extends beyond the industrial need.

Reporter Mistakes Earplugs (above) For “Rubber Bullets”: “Huffington Post “justice reporter” Ryan Reilly, eager to further The Narrative of helpless blacks being gunned down by racist white cops in Ferguson, mistook earplugs for rubber bullets. What this tells us is that Reilly not only is woefully ignorant about police tactics for crowd control, but he can’t have much experience with firearms. Nonetheless, he’s a major website’s go-to guy for interpreting riots, gun crime, and police behavior.”

Armed robber died after being sat on by passers-by: “An armed raider died in a bungled jewellery shop heist when members of the public sat on top of him until police arrived, a coroner has heard. Clint Townsend stopped breathing when around eight people piled on top of him in a ‘melee’ at Oxford’s Covered Market. The 33-year-old, who was wearing motorcycle gear and a helmet, had smashed the window of a jewellery shop repeatedly with a sledgehammer, before wrestling with the store’s manager and owner. Other onlookers then helped to apprehend the robbery suspect as he tried to flee from the scene – sitting on top of him in “a big heap. John Gowing, owner of John Gowing Jewellers, told an inquest how he and store manager Andrew Hill had been grappling with 6ft-tall Townsend. “We got to the side corner of the shop and we were just hanging on to the guy, then people seems to come from all over. “There were suddenly a lot of people and we all went down in a big heap. It was a big melee. Mr Gowing said an unknown man with an Italian or Spanish accent was sat across Townsend’s chest.”

Aircraft hangar is home to Europe’s biggest water park complete with beaches, lagoons and even a tropical rainforest: “Tropical Islands resort is housed within the largest free-standing hall in the world, which measures 66,000 square metres and is so tall the Statue of Liberty could fit inside it. The water park is located in Krausnick, near Berlin and claims to offer tourists all the elements of a tropical holiday destination in the middle of Europe. The huge hangar once housed Zeppelins but its owners went bankrupt in 1992 and the building fell into disrepair. It was transformed 10 years ago into an indoor paradise by a Malaysian company. Inside, the temperature is always a pleasant 26C which means the attraction can host the world’s largest indoor rainforest, along with pools, beaches and giant water slides. The resort’s indoor rainforest has a one-kilometre walkway and 50,000 plants, of which there are 600 different species. The complex also offers bars, saunas, lagoons and grottos to entertain a capacity of 6,000 visitors, along with 522 beds in various rooms and lodges, and hundreds of tents. There are 400 sunloungers to accommodate guests on the world’s largest indoor beach”

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