How To Drink – The Secrets to Good Bar Etiquette

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It’s amazing how terrible most guys are at simply going to a bar and having some beers. They order fruity drinks, watch random TV, and ask the bartender for a phone charger. They also sit wrong. After taking in this deeply provocative guide, you will become a better drinker and your bar will become a better place to be.




Odd news from around the world

Unsuspecting walker throws grenade for dog to chase: “The unsuspecting walker picked up the barnacle-encrusted “stone” for his pet to chase along a beach without realising it was a deadly WW2 explosive. A passing bomb specialist spotted the danger and alerted the police and coastguard, who set up a 30-yard cordon around the grenade. It was later taken away by explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officers. The device was discovered washed up on the shoreline at Marine Parade in Harwich, Essex – the fifth in as many weeks. All four were disposed of by EOD officers, who carried out controlled explosions on the beach.”

Lake is spectacularly weird, and is also deadly: “IT MAY look pretty in pink, but this lake is actually pretty deadly. A series of incredible aerial photographs have captured the bizarrely coloured Lake Natron, in northern Tanzania, like never before. The water, which is coloured in several different shades of pink, owes its unusual colour to photosynthesising cyanobacteria. The serene-looking lake is one of the harshest environments in the world due to its extremely high alkaline content. Its pH levels have been recorded as high as 10.5 – which is almost as high as ammonia, so it can burn the skin off any animals which have not adapted to its harsh climate. What’s more, the temperature of the lake can reach up to 60 degrees celsius. While the shallow lake supports little wildlife, the exception is a flock of 2.5 million bright pink flamingoes. They are drawn to the lake to feed on spirulina, a blue-green algae formed by the cyanobacteria.”

Bungling Russian robbers took so long trying to get heavy ATM into their car that police turned up to arrest them first: “A gang of Russian bank robbers have become an internet laughing stock after their attempts to steal an ATM took so long police arrived at the scene and arrested them before they could make a getaway. The ham-fisted crooks broke into the casing surrounding the cash machine in the Russian capital Moscow and then managed to shift it out the door to their car boot. But hilarious CCTV footage of the botched job shows the gang taking what seems like an eternity to get the whole machine into the boot of their saloon car. They eventually got the ATM into the boot of the vehicle but it took so long police arrived as they were leaving. ‘They had triggered an alarm and took so long over their getaway that they were very easy to catch. There are 12 people in custody awaiting trial,’ said a police spokesman. Bank officials estimate there were roubles worth œ40,000 inside the machine, and that the damage caused to the machine and the building was probably about œ20,000.

Needing a new toe? It is putty in your doctor’s hands: “For those who curse their children’s play putty being trodden into the carpet, here’s a reason to think of it with some affection. An extraordinary cure for sore toes and thumbs has been made from virtually the same material. The cylindrical-shaped Cartiva device is surgically implanted to replace toes and thumb joints damaged by osteoarthritis. It can resist compression and mimic natural cartilage. Once in place, it acts like a roller, with the end of the two bones gliding around it. `This implant keeps the joint working with minimum removal of bone and other tissue,’ says Dominic Nielsen, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at St George’s Hospital, London, who is leading one of the UK trials of the device. The joint is exposed by making a small, 4cm to 5cm incision. The damaged cartilage is removed and replaced with the implant. `Once in place, it provides a smooth, load-bearing joint surface.”

Rome’s mayor launches furious attack on UK Government after it blacklists city due to risk of pickpocketing: “The mayor of Rome has launched a furious attack on the UK Government after it blacklisted the city because of the risk of pickpocketing and petty crime. Mayor Ignazio Marino accused the UK’s Foreign Office of spreading lies about Rome, after it advised British holidaymakers to beware of gangs targeting the notorious central station, public transport and famous tourist sites such as the Vatican. He said that Italians were offended by the `superior’ tone of the report and claimed that London was worse. The UK’s Foreign Office advised tourists to take particular care at Rome’s Termini station and on the infamous 64 bus to the Vatican where visitors are often ‘hassled and jostled to distract them.’ It said they should beware of gangs often including children, and said that thieves have even been known to spike visitors’ drinks so as to rob them. Dozens of pickpockets, including an increasing number of women and children trained up by Roma gangs, are arrested every weekend at the city’s tourist hotspots.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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