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Odd news from around the world

Murder Suspect Asks Siri Where to Dump His Dead Roommate’s Body: “A Florida man accused of killing his roommate found a novel use for Siri. Police say 20-year-old Pedro Bravo allegedly kidnapped and strangled his friend in 2012, but didn’t know where to dispose of the body — that was, until Siri helped him out. According to his iPhone’s records, Mr. Bravo allegedly asked Siri “I need to hide my roommate.” The personal assistant app kindly responded by asking “What kind of place are you looking for?” and then offered him four ideal places, including metal foundries, dumps, swamps and reservoirs. Mr. Bravo allegedly chose a forest in Gainesville to dump the body, which wasn’t discovered until weeks later. Police say Mr. Bravo’s iPhone shows him using the flashlight function around the same time he buried the body and the location data recorded on it doesn’t mesh with Mr. Bravo’s account of the evening. The trial is expected to finish next week.”

Family cover their classic Cadillac in more than 38,000 pennies: “Why spend hundreds of dollars on a boring paint job for your car when you can cover it in the actual money instead? These were the bizarre thoughts of an Indiana couple who have given their vintage Cadillac the ultimate bling makeover. When Larry and Theresa Thompson saw an advert for a 1949 Cadillac Series 62 back in 1999, they decided it couldn’t hurt to take a look. They got there to find it covered with layers of snow, and once they had scraped it away, saw that the paintwork was dull, and the colour of an old penny. This gave them an idea – they would buy the car and cover every inch of it with one cent coins. Six weeks later, ‘Penny’ was born. The unique ‘paint job’, consisting of 38,295 individual coins, is worth exactly $382.95 – roughly the same as it would cost to have it spray painted.

Dolphins and whales squeal with delight: “For years humans have wondered what the high pitched noises made by dolphins and whales mean. nd now scientists believe that the marine animals squeal with delight to express their happiness. Initially, noises emitted by the animals when offered fish treats were thought to be signals communicating the presence of food. Whales and dolphins are known to squeal when they hear a whistle or buzzer associated with a food reward. But when dolphins and beluga whales were trained to switch off a sound after making a deep dive, they announced a successful mission by producing the same squeals. It was the equivalent of a human ‘whoop’ of triumph, according to U.S. cetacean expert and author Dr Sam Ridgway. ‘The [squealing] behaviour had transferred over to another stimulus that wasn’t food,’ he said. To investigate further, Dr Ridgway and his colleagues at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, California, analysed decades of recordings of experiments involving dolphins and beluga whales. ‘We think we have demonstrated that it [the victory squeal] has emotional content,’ said Dr Ridgway, whose findings appear in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

How a ticking clock can set off women’s fertility alarm: Sound is found to quicken desire to marry and start a family: “A study found that being able to hear the tick-tock of a clock makes women quicken their desire to marry and have children. The subtle reminder that their fertility is finite may also lead to them lowering their expectations and settling for what they perceive to be a less successful man. Researchers said that the idea that a woman’s urge and ability to have a child are controlled by a biological clock is deeply engrained. As such, females may unconsciously associate a ticking sound with their childbearing years slipping away. The U.S. researchers completed two experiments to test the influence of the ticking of a small clock on men and women’s reproductive attitudes. The tick-tock led to them wanting to have children earlier and to place less emphasis on a man’s social status and earning power.

No need to cut back on salt: New study claims most people don’t need to lower amount they eat: “A large international study questions the conventional wisdom that most people should cut back on salt, suggesting that the amount most folks consume is OK for heart health — and too little may be as bad as too much. The findings came under immediate attack by other scientists. Limiting salt is still important for people with high blood pressure — and in fact, a second study estimates that too much sodium contributes to up to 1.65 million deaths each year. The studies both have strengths and weaknesses, and come as the U.S. government is preparing to nudge industry to trim sodium in processed and restaurant foods. The first study’s leader, Dr. Salim Yusuf of McMaster University’s Population Health Research Institute in Hamilton, Ontario, urged keeping an open mind. ‘There are those who have made a career out of promoting extreme sodium reduction that will attack us,’ he said. It’s better to focus on healthy lifestyles and overall diets instead of a single element, ‘and that is something everyone can rally around.'”

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