What are some cultural differences between Canadians and Americans?

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I’ve been waiting for this one:

How do you get 100 New Yorkers out of the pool?
Answer: Say “Every one STAY in the pool!

How do you get 100 Californians out of the pool?
Answer: Say “This pool has been CHEMICALLY TREATED for your protection!

How do you get 100 Republicans out of the pool?
Answer: Say “Being in this pool shows your support for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

How do you get 100 Democrats out of the pool?
Answer: Say “This pool will be FUNDED COMPLETELY by the people in the pool!’

The difference between Canadians and Americans?
ANSWER: SAY “Please get out of the pool.”

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Odd news from around the world

Forget expensive cleaning products, use a POTATO to clean your home: For decades, food items have been touted as substitutes to expensive household cleaning products. And now a cleaning expert has revealed the science behind why certain foods are so useful for tackling rust, removing stains and tightening cracks in wood. This ranges from potatoes, banana skins, brazil nuts, vinegar to mayonnaise. Bananas: Wipe the inside of the banana skin on the spot of leather that needs to be cleaned. When finished, rub with a damp cloth. Cola: Pour into the toilet bowl and leave to sit for an hour to allow the acid to take effect. Clean the inside of the bowl with a toilet brush and flush away. Vinegar also works. Tomato ketchup: Good for cleaning brass, copper and silver elements. Rub onto the area that needs cleaning, leave to work and wipe with a moist cloth. Mayonnaise: Ideal for removing marks on wood. Use a cloth with a small amount of mayonnaise and wipe the mark that needs to be removed. Leave the oils to work and wipe away any residue with a clean cloth. Potatoes: Cut the potato in half and dip the side without peel into baking soda. When covered, firmly rub the potato on rusted areas.”

SILENT electric motorcycles could be used by police to sneak up on criminals: “A silent electric bike is to be used by police forces as a means to approach criminals undetected. Zero Motorcycles in northern California have designed their a motorcycle that law enforcement officials can use to get the upper hand on criminals. And with a top speed of up to 98 miles (158 km) per hour, the police of tomorrow can chase criminals down as well if the stealth approach fails. Range*: Up to 151 miles (243 km); Charging time*: Between six and 9.9 hours; Weight*: 396 to 473 pounds: (180 to 215 kg); Equivalent fuel economy: 408 miles to the gallon (0.58 litres per 100 km); Cost to recharge*: $0.96 to $1.60. Each bike is devoid of a loud and polluting combustion engine, meaning they can creep up on people without alerting them or enter a dangerous location undetected.”

How a tick bite can make you allergic to RED MEAT: “Doctors across the U.S. are seeing a surge of meat allergies in people bitten by Lone Star ticks, found in the south-west and eastern half of the country. And researchers believe that some other types of ticks also might cause meat allergies, after cases were reported in Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Japan and Korea. The tick bite conveys a type of sugar to the human bloodstream and the immune system can go overboard reacting to the foreign substance, resulting in anaphylactic shock. The allergy can cause hives and swelling, as well as broader symptoms of anaphylaxis including vomiting, diarrhoea, trouble breathing and a drop in blood pressure. People with the allergy can go into a delayed anaphylactic shock four to six hours after eating red meat. There is no good way to desensitise people once they become allergic to red meat and in some cases, milk too, so they have to cut problem foods out of their diet – and carry an EpiPen.

Another brainless British council: “Council spent thousands and took two years to mend a bridge which had been weakened by lorries. But when cars finally managed to get back on it they realised many couldn’t squeeze through the gap. Now just a month after reopning drivers are turning round at the tiny width restriction on the road which leads to the bridge – rather than trying to shoehorn their cars in to the tight gap. The new measures were put in place to stop vehicles wider than two metres entering an area where large lorries had caused more than £30,000 of damage to a bridge. But after reopening at the start of the month, swarms of cars have been forced to turn round and find alternative routes – including cars as small as Minis. The traffic calming measures on Wilbury Villas Bridge in Hove, East Sussex, was paid for by Brighton and Hove City Council as part of bridge repairs. Melanie White, business manager of the Dock cafe on neighbouring Lorna Road, said: ‘Within 10 minutes of opening two people hit it, you can see all the black tyre marks on the side. A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: ‘It’s tight but easily negotiated by cars with care at low speed.”

Burglars bungled multi-million-pound raid when they smashed through the wrong wall of cash depot…then their getaway car became stuck in the mud: “A notorious burglar who smashed into the wrong wall of a cash depot and ended up in an empty room has been jailed for 13 years. Raymond Betson, 52, tried to smash through the cash depot wall in an attempted multi-million pound raid with a stolen heavy-duty digger. But he rammed through the wrong part of the building and led his gang of up to six men into an empty office. The raid took place at the Loomis cash depot in Swanley, Kent in the early hours of March 23, 2012. Once the digger had broken through the wall, the gang, who were armed with baseball bats and white sacks, climbed over the rubble only to find an empty room. They then entered a nearby warehouse – only to find that was empty too – and fled less than a minute later. They then botched their getaway when they had to abandon their car in a field when it got stuck in the mud.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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