What could possibly go wrong?

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Odd news from around the world

Women soldiers demand better bras: “Women soldiers could be issued with special sports bras as part of their kit to better protect them on active service. Defence chiefs are considering “adequate support” for servicewomen after complaints that their rigorous duties risked damaging their breasts. One solider said she had spent the last two decades having to buy her own bras because official kit is not good enough. She is also calling for the reinstatement of a “hosiery allowance” to let soldiers buy their own undergarments. But the move could cost to Ministry of Defence hundreds of thousands of pounds to properly kit out its 15,000 service women. One female soldier wrote in Soldier magazine: “Why are women in the three Services not issued with sports bras? “They are a vital piece of kit which ensures comfort and protection for the vigorous physical activities expected of all serving soldiers, sailors and air women. “Regardless of the size of your breasts, the tissue in this area of the body can be irreversibly damaged by high and low impact activities undertaken in the line of duty and during military recreational activities.”

A very young hooter: “A mother has come under fire for dressing her four-year-old daughter in a Hooters waitress outfit for a beauty pageant. Mother Liane, 33, from Portsmouth, created the controversial costume for Scarlett who featured in the Channel 5 documentary Blinging Up Baby. Hooters is a chain of restaurants with waiting staff who are mainly young women in tight white tops usually referred to as Hooter Girls. She even taught her a dance routine which included the splits and pelvic thrusts. However, the costume and routine have been deemed ‘inappropriate’ by viewers. Unemployed single mum Liane has ploughed everything into entering six-year old Bessie-Sue and four-year-old Scarlett into glitzy U.S.-style beauty pageants.”

Chinese plate measuring just 8in across that was found in old lady’s estate nets her grandchildren £300,000: “An unassuming plate found in a cabinet at an elderly woman’s retirement flat has netted her grandchildren a £300,000 windfall – 100 times more than expected. The 8in wide Chinese table screen was found by an auctioneer during a clearance of the unnamed widow’s home following her recent death. The decorative item, made from jade, was given an estimate of £2,000 to £3,000. But the experts began to suspect they had undervalued it when they were suddenly inundated with enquiries from the Far East ahead of the sale. Would-be-buyers took up 11 phone lines at the auction while others bid online before it eventually sold for a hammer price of £300,000. The circular table screen was made for the Chinese Emperor Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century as a display piece. The late owner and her husband were antiques dealers and they acquired the piece more than 40 years ago.”

Pigs might swim: “A Seattle family enjoying a Friday morning beach day were surprised to see a pig swimming in the ocean a few feet away from them. Erin Schwartz and her family were enjoying their last day of vacation on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina when they spotted something swimming they thought might be a dog. However, when Erin Schwartz’s husband Eric saw a snout coming from the water he realized it wasn’t a dog but a hog. The pig was about 20 to 30 feet away from the Schwartz family when they first saw it. When the pig neared the beach, a family was able to safely bring the pig back to the shore. ‘It looked like it had been swimming for some time,’ Schwartz said. ‘It looked tired and disoriented,’ he continued. Police responded to a call about the 25-pound pig and were able to catch it.

Mysterious oasis appears in Tunisian desert: “A mysterious blue lake has appeared in the parched Tunisian desert, creating a new swimming hole for hundreds of locals unconcerned about warnings the water could be contaminated or carcinogenic. The swimming hole was discovered by shepherds about three weeks ago when they stumbled across the huge beautiful blue coloured lake. But three weeks on, it is green with algae and subject to public health warnings. Despite the mystery surrounding how ‘Gafsa Beach’ suddenly appeared in the area, and what effect, if any, the local phosphate mining industry might have on the water quality, the huge pool has provided much needed respite for locals where temperatures are reaching 40C. The lake appeared in the Gafsa mountains area of Tunisia a few weeks ago but there has yet to be a scientific explanation given for its appearance”

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