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Odd news from around the world

Thug cuts his own throat: “A 20-year-old man has cut his own throat while standing in the dock after being given a prison sentence. The defendant, understood to be Gary Bell, was in court two of Kirklees Magistrates’ Court in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, this afternoon when he is said to have taken a blade from his pocket and ran it across his neck. The horrifying incident unfolded after Bell, from nearby Milnsbridge, was sentenced to a total of 16 weeks in jail for three charges of assault by beating and two of criminal damage. The court was then cleared and paramedics then took him to Leeds General Infirmary where he is currently being treated. A police investigation as to how he got the blade into court is being held. Security at the court will also now undergo a review.

Giraffe dies after hitting its head on a low bridge as its owner drives it in open-top truck: “A giraffe has died after smashing its head into a low bridge while it was being transported along a busy highway in South Africa. The moments before the accident at around 2.30pm today were caught on camera by a horrified fellow driver who described hearing a loud crack. South Africa’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told local media the giraffe has since died and the truck driver could face criminal charges. Engineer Thinus Botha, 32, took the photo of the two giraffes after driving next to the truck for half a mile on the N1 on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa’s capital. He decided to pull over to capture the moment – and witnessed the gruesome accident seconds later.

Distraught five-year-old’s reaction to discovering baby brother will grow up: “This footage of a five-year-old girl from Phoenix in the US crying uncontrollably when she learns her little brother Carson will grow up has attracted millions of views since it was posted on YouTube. In the clip, distraught little Sadie, seen wearing a Princess dress, confronts some of life’s harshest realities: her baby brother ageing and her own mortality. Kissing Carson devotedly on the head she laments: “I don’t want him to grow up! He’s so cute, and I don’t want to die when I’m a hundred!” Carson, who seems unaffected at his sister’s overwrought display of emotion, smiles amicably at her, causing the distressed Sadie to unravel completely. “I love your cute smiles!’ she weeps. “Oh my gosh, I want you to stay this little!”

Suspected drug dealer hid £1,000 stash up his bottom: “A suspected drug dealer who was seen fidgeting on his way to a police station was later found to have hidden a stash of drugs up his bottom and had to be taken to hospital to have it removed. Lewis Osborne, 21, was pulled over in his car by police after he was seen driving in a suspicious manner near an industrial estate in Wolverhampton. Initially, the officers discovered a small amount of cannabis in the car. It later transpired that Osborne had secreted a package containing 81 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin worth almost £1,000 in his rectum. When he was being taken to a police station for a strip search, the officers noticed him fidgeting. Suspecting where the drugs were hidden, the officers took him to hospital, where the haul of Class A drugs was recovered with medical assistance. Osborne was jailed for three and a half years at Wolverhampton Crown Court after admitting possession and intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine.”

Only 12% of people wash their hands before eating – despite them being more unhygienic than a park bench or escalator rail: “The human hand harbours more harmful bacteria than public surfaces, a new study has found. Researchers found the average pair of human hands is more unhygienic than escalators and benches in busy shopping centres and parks. Yet only one in eight people always wash their hands before eating, the study shows. Swabs taken from dirty looking surfaces in St Albans city centre and Luton Town Mall revealed a surprising lack of harmful bugs. From escalator handrails to park benches, the most bacteria ridden swabs were still hundreds of times cleaner than the average pair of hands. It means hands are far more likely to make us unwell than the apparently filthy surfaces in and around cafes and fast food restaurants we try to avoid. Laboratory tests on 25 samples from tables, benches, escalator handrails, high chairs and children’s ride-on toys which looked stained, dirty and worn found hardly any harmful bacteria”

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