Brave warrior attacks indifferent enemy

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Odd news from around the world

‘Holy Grail of batteries’ discovered: Scientists invent pure lithium cells that may mean phones last FOUR times longer: “The days of smartphones and laptops running out of battery after a few hours could be over thanks to a new breakthrough. Scientists have at last created pure lithium batteries, which in time could last four times longer than those currently powering smartphones and other gadgets. But after years of research, engineers at Stanford University, California, believe they have worked out how to keep them the same size, while boosting their longevity. To do this, they have made the battery’s anode out of lithium too, according to the research, which is published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Today, we have lithium ion batteries, but the lithium is in the electrolyte and not in the anode. The engineers managed to create a lithium anode by inventing a film made from carbon nanospheres to protect the anode and stop it from cracking when it expands. The nanospheres create a surface resembling a honeycomb to make a flexible, uniform and non-reactive film that protects the unstable lithium.”

Cat slapped with an ‘animal ASBO’ for biting people and damaging property in ‘campaign of terror’: “A cat has been hit with ‘an animal ASBO’ after allegedly biting and scratching people while also damaging property. Rocky, who is owned by Samantha Davies in Rotherham, Yorkshire received a letter concerning her cat’s behaviour. The letter warned that council officials received ‘several complaints’ about Rocky which have caused ‘alarm, distress and annoyance’. Under the terms of the notice, Rocky is banned from leaving Ms Davies’ house or she will have to pay any damage caused. Several residents confirmed that Rocky would not leave their property if he jumped over a wall. Ms Davies claimed: ‘Rocky doesn’t like being touched on certain parts of his body but he is certainly not aggressive. ‘He has been accused of damaging property because he scratched a fence. ‘The only time he has bitten someone was when they pulled its tail. Ms Davies said the council’s instruction to lock Rocky inside is cruel: He’s a cat and wants to be outside'”

Swimming during a Chinese heatwave: “Tens of thousands of people have been escaping baking temperatures in parts of China by visiting the “Chinese Dead Sea” resort in Sichuan Province. The resort features a giant pool with a wave machine which is so popular with visitors that the water is sometimes scarcely visible beneath the thousands of swimmers. Several provinces in Southwest China have been experiencing a very hot summer with highs of between 35°C and 38°C.”

British family terrorized by dragonfly: “A mother was left terrified after she walked into her living room and spotted this monster ‘Jurassic’ sized dragonfly. Rowena Wilkinson, 53, dashed indoors when she heard piercing screams coming from her daughter and her friend. She found an enormous dark green dragonfly – measuring around 8inches long – flying around the room like a ‘mini-helicopter’; it was like a Jurassic monster. ‘We waited for it to stop a bit and then I had to put my arm through the venetian blinds to open the window so it could get out. Mrs Wilkinson shut the living room door and waited and the black-grey beast flew off. It has not been seen again since. Dragonflies, which have existed on Earth for 325million years, have been threatened by widespread insecticide use, water pollution and the draining of wetlands for housing.

Rare Ferrari where driver sits in the middle of three goes under the hammer for $34 MILLION: “An ultra-rare Ferrari where the driver sits in the middle of three seats is expected to sell for more than $34 million at auction. Just two Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciales were built by the famous Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina in 1966. This model was owned by Luigi Chinetti Sr, an Italian-born racecar driver who was instrumental in introducing the Ferrari marque to the world. Chinetti won both Ferrari’s first and its last victory at Le Mans in 1949 and 1965. The first was as a driver with the second as the manager of the NART racing team. The Speciale was fitted with a 4.4-litre V12 engine which was fitted behind the driver, who was centrally positioned with room for a passenger on either side. The engine developed around 380bhp in a car weighing just 1,020kg – a staggering amount for the 1960s. The car, which has been driven less than 5,000 miles in 49 years, will be sold by the Chinetti family at next month’s Gooding & Company sale in Monterey, California.”

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