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Odd news from around the world

British supermarket giants ‘lose £100million a year from online delivery services’: Cost of delivery means they are effectively paying customers to shop with them: “Supermarkets losing £100million a year propping up their online delivery services. Experts say that while supermarkets often charge £3 or £4 for each home delivery, the actual cost to them is £20. As a result, they are effectively paying customers to shop with them. Retail analyst Dave McCarthy said: ‘The transition from in-store retailing to online retailing in the grocery market is losing the industry £100million profit per annum. ‘When a customer switches from shopping in a store to shopping online, it is a lot less profitable for the retailer, which suffers a double whammy. The store loses profits from the lost sales and importantly, a contribution to fixed costs such as rates, energy and the store manager’s wages. ‘And when the customer shops online, the retailer incurs extra costs for packing the products, paying transportation costs, wages, fuel and for the cost of the vehicle which is an expensive, multi-temperature-controlled vehicle.’”

‘Train graveyard’ in North Carolina forest: “A ‘graveyard’ of more than 70 trains from all over the United States was discovered by a young photographer and urban explorer in a forest in North Carolina. The trains, once filled with people, now sit decaying on winding tracks stretching through the snowy forest, infusing visitors with a certain apocalyptic feel. Among the many abandoned trains discovered and photographed by 24-year-old Johnny Joo are a passenger train from Philadelphia and several disused subway cars. There is also a cracked and broken New York street bus. Joo, who has documented abandoned landmarks in America before, said the trains were collected by a man who once fixed them. Over the years, as certain train sets were no longer wanted, the man let them fall into disrepair, Joo said. ‘There had to be 78 or so different cars all connected, some in better condition than others, while some were completely rusted out and it was almost as if we could fall through the floors at any moment.’

Russian man solves crime issue by winching motorbike up outside his 3rd floor window: A Russian man has come up with an ingenious way to beat the thieves – winching his beloved motorbike up to his third floor window to lock it away safely at night. After having two motorbikes stolen in quick succession it seemed Boris Farihov, 56, from Nizhny Novgorod in Western Russia would have to give up on two-wheeled transport altogether. But when his wife joked that the only way to keep a bike safe would be to keep it indoors it gave him a flash of inspiration. So Mr Farihov purchased an electric motor and connected it up to a steel cable which he fixed on the wall, and now every time he needs the bike he simply presses a button and lowers it down to the ground below. He said: ‘I had my first bike locked up with three padlocks but it was still stolen. ‘The second bike I bought I had only had a day, and was planning to buy extra strong padlocks for it, but it disappeared that night as well. He said: ‘It is not much more work than putting three padlocks on the bike, and it’s a lot more secure.’

Red China: Villagers baffled as river suddenly turns colour of blood overnight: “Villagers in China were left baffled when they woke up and discovered their river had turned blood-red. Witnesses in Xinmeizhou village, Zhejiang province, said the river was running normally at 5am but within just a few minutes it began turning a deep shade of crimson. Some filled clear plastic bottles with the liquid and reported it had a strange smell. Resident Na Wan said: ‘The really weird thing is that we have always been able to catch fish and you can even drink the water because it’s just normally so good. ‘Nobody has any idea how it could have ended up being polluted because there are no factories that dump anything in the water here.’ However, environmental experts took samples from the river, which reportedly has a food colouring plant on its banks. One said: ‘We suspect that maybe somebody drove here to dump stuff. We are looking further upstream to try and find out where the source was of this pollution.’

10th Northern Ireland Bog Snorkelling Championship: “If the idea of swimming in muddy water and slime appeals to you then participating in the Northern Ireland Bog Snorkelling. Held today at Peatlands Park, the event, in its 10th year, attracted competitors from all over the emerald isle. The event, hosted by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, was held on International Bog Day to raise awareness of how important bogs are to Northern Ireland. Exploitation has dramatically reduced the area once covered by peat lands to a level where in Northern Ireland only 9 per cent of lowland raised bogs and 14 per cent of upland blanket bogs remain. Competitors have to swim two lengths of a 60-yard bog drain with the aid of a snorkel, mask and flippers and without using any conventional swimming strokes. Participants have to be at least 12.”

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