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Odd news from around the world

Nasa to build the world’s most powerful telescope – and it could be our key to finding alien life: “In 2018 Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will take flight to help us understand more about the universe. But Nasa has already begun to lay out plans for their next space observatory in the hope of one day tracking down alien life. Called the Advanced Telescope Large-Aperture Space Telescope (Atlast), the mission concept builds upon key technologies developed for Hubble and the JWST. They add that, while Hubble and JWST will last for many years into the future, the agency is already looking ahead to the telescope and instrument requirements needed to answer the questions posed in Nasa’s 30-year vision. The 30-year vision has three main goals: Are we alone, how did we get here and how does the universe work.”

Girl who sued her parents over boyfriend finds out that her father was right: “A TEENAGER who sued her parents because they wouldn’t let her see her boyfriend has now taken a restraining order out against him, in a sad case that appears to prove her mum and dad right. Rachel Canning, 18, obtained the temporary restraining order against Lucas Kitzmiller, also 18, after filing a domestic violence complaint about him in a New Jersey courtroom, the Daily Record reports. The former high school cheerleader accused her ex of strangling her with his hands during a quarrel in the street early on Sunday morning, according to the girl’s father, Sean Canning. “She has repaired her relationship with us,” Sean Canning said. “She went off the deep end in the past but things are good now. We said to her ‘Listen, you’re an adult. You make your own choices.’”

Worth the wait! Woman stood up on a date 30 years ago tracks down her ex-boyfriend on Facebook and now they’re MARRIED: “A couple who reunited through Facebook have tied the knot more than three decades after one stood the other up. Mandy Ashforth, 48, from Yorkshire got over the fact that Barrie Moat, 50, stood her up 32 years ago and the pair showed that there were no hard feelings by getting married. The couple first met on holiday in Bridlington, East Yorkshire in 1982 and were inseparable until Barrie, then 19, left a heartbroken 17-year-old Mandy alone at the bus station. In 2013, over 30 years since he stood her up, she did a random search on a social networking site for fishing pole repair services and was shocked to find him. She quickly sent a friend request and soon the pair had rekindled that initial summer loving feeling.”

Drunk passenger sneaks onto empty plane on runway UNNOTICED before being found in the toilet by cleaners: “A drunken passenger managed to sneak on to an empty plane unnoticed before being found in the toilet by cleaners, and claiming to be the co-pilot. The shocking breach of security happened at Birmingham Airport after the man entered the airfield at around 1am last Thursday. Lee Jezard, 22, from Evesham, Worcester, arrived at Birmingham Airport too late to catch his 7.30pm flight to Ibiza for a lads holiday with five of his friends. He then decided to go downstairs and crawled along the conveyor behind the check-in desks until he ended up on the airfield. ‘I got on to the airfield and there was a plane there with steps going up to it and I went up and there was a cleaner in there. ‘I was trying to convince him I was the co-pilot. He believed it for a minute but then he called police and they arrested me.”

Huge new ocean liner being built : “It is set to be the biggest cruise ship ever built for British holidaymakers – packed with celebrity chef-run restaurants sporting the Union Flag on her hull. The ship has already had it’s ‘floating out’ ceremony to test her seaworthiness and now the final touches are being made, from paint jobs to the addition of designs attached to the outside of the vessel. When it is completed, the ship – which is the length of 10 blue whales (100ft) will carry 4,372 passengers and 1,400 crew – fitting in more people than can squeeze into London’s Royal Albert Hall. Weighing a hefty 141,000 tons, the ship also has an engine power equal to 70 challenger tanks or 86 Bugatti Veyrons. When it launches, the ship will boast an art collection worth £1million and be packed out with 13 bars and another 13 restaurants and cafes as well as four swimming pools across 15 decks. The interior of the grand ship is also taking shape at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy”

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