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Odd news from around the world

Patient, 56, wakes up from routine circumcision to find his penis amputated: “An Alabama man awoke from a routine circumcision to find doctors had mistakenly amputated his penis, according to a lawsuit. Johnny Lee Banks Jr., 56, and his wife, Zelda Banks, 55, filed the lawsuit against Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham on Tuesday. My client is devastated,’ their attorney, John P. Graves, said. In his lawsuit, he says he was never warned that the procedure might result in an amputation, and he never gave his consent for a full or partial amputation. He has now been left in extreme pain and has spent additional time recovering in the hospital – costing him more money, according to the lawsuit, reported. His wife is also suing for loss of consortium due to the botched operation. A hospital spokeswoman says the claims lack merit but that they cannot provide further comment due to the ongoing litigation.

Secret message found in WW1 kilt: “A secret note has been discovered hidden in the folds of a kilt destined for a soldier heading to the front in the First World War. Economic historian Dr Helen Paul, of the University of Southampton, found the hand-written message when she was removing the packing stitches from the kilt, which has been passed down her family over decades. The message reads: “I hope your kilt will fit you well, & in it you will look a swell. If married never mind. If single drop a line. Wish you bags of luck, & a speedy return back to Blighty.” Underneath was the name of Helen Govan, of 49 Ardgowan Street in Glasgow. Dr Paul thinks the seamstress left the message possibly in the hope of finding a future husband returning from war not realising how many soldiers would be killed in the trenches. The London Scottish Regiment kilt, manufactured by Peter Wilson of Bridge Street in Glasgow, would have been made for use by a soldier sent to fight in the war, but for reasons unknown, it was never unpacked or worn.”

Farmer’s wife threatens to leave husband over solar panels: “A farmer’s wife is campaigning against her husband’s plan to erect 40,000 solar panels on their land, and is even threatening to leave him if he goes ahead. Mrs Young is so appalled by her husband’s planning application to create a 55-acre solar farm that she has written an open letter to villagers asking them to join her fight against the proposal. She told the Daily Mail: “My husband signed the deal without telling me. I was killing myself working 20 hours a day lambing and he conducted the negotiation behind my back. “We live in a beautiful valley and we won’t be able to see it if there are solar panels surrounded by 8ft-high fences. And it may all go out of fashion. It’s not been a happy situation – I’d like to kill him. I’ve not kicked him out of the bedroom, though. We’re too old for all that anyway.” She wrote: “I am still asking myself: “What have I done to lead my husband to put money before our marriage?” “I’m married to my husband. But I am my own person. All the stress has made me quite ill, but everyone I meet says it’s fabulous that I’m sticking to my beliefs. If the solar farm goes ahead, I’ve told him I’ll leave.”

‘Britain’s dumbest motorist’?: “When Adrian Smith was caught speeding a second time, he mistakenly thought he would be banned from driving for good. So in a bid to escape punishment, he decided to set fire to the speed camera that caught him and destroy all evidence of his crime. But Mr Smith, 46, who has now been described as ‘Britain’s dumbest motorist’, was caught in the act by another camera nearby which led police directly to his door. When police arrived at his home, they found he was guilty of a second, equally serious crime. To their amazement they discovered Mr Smith was also keeping a secret cannabis farm in his basement. And to make matters worse, it later emerged that he in fact would likely not have received any points on his license and therefore wouldn’t have faced a driving ban as he thought. He has now been sentenced to two years in prison”

‘I’m a better mum after having a boob job’: “A mother-of-one believes she’s a better mother thanks to her 32G breast implants. Tamsin Wade, 19, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, hated her deflated and uneven 32AA bust. As her confidence plummeted, she refused to leave the house, meaning her son, Finley, 2, couldn’t attend play dates and after school clubs. The beautiful blonde wasn’t able to do anything with her son without feeling shy and embarrassed about her appearance. But realising the affect her low self esteem was having on little Finley, Tamsin took out a bank loan to pay for the £5,000 surgery, and now believes she’s a better mother thanks to her new assets. Tamsin said: ‘Since having my boob job I have been so happy. ‘I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious. Tamsin said: ‘Before I had Finley my boobs were a 32D but the aftermath of being pregnant left me with double A’s.”

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