Ninja kitten

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Sophie the Kitten attacks Bishop the Doberman and tries hard to get him to play with her, but the dog is unimpressed with her attempts




Odd news from around the world

School pupils forced to repeat an entire year after a teacher disappeared with their coursework: “School pupils have been forced to repeat an entire year – after a teacher left and took all their work. The sixth form students had to redo coursework after the unnamed member of staff stopped teaching at City Academy in Bristol – and now can’t be found. Officials say the science tutor left the academy last summer but failed to leave student’s coursework behind – meaning they had to retake the whole year. The BTEC Level 3 Applied Science two-year qualification was based on coursework, rather than exams. It meant that 11 sixth form students had to redo the vast majority of work. The school says at least one student also had to do two years’ worth of work – in just one year. It made several attempts to track down the lost coursework and the teacher to no avail – but assured students they could get back on track. But it has now emerged that at least four students had fallen short of what they hoped to achieve. It left their planned future in doubt after they tried to cram all of the work into the 13/14 academic year.”

Asian ‘super ant’ colonies invading your electrics: “A “super ant” that forms colonies of thousands and causes fires because of its fatal attraction to electricity is spreading across the country. The Asian super ant, also known as the fire ant, was first identified in Britain in 2009 at a National Trust property in Gloucestershire, where more than 35,000 were found. A colony recently invaded a house in Hendon, north-west London, and more have been found in Buckinghamshire. Jo Hodgkins, a wildlife and countryside adviser at the National Trust, said: “The problems with them are they seem to get attracted to electricity and they can take up residence in plug sockets and power sources, creating a fire hazard. “They can easily establish themselves in somewhere like Britain and I would not be surprised if they colonised other areas. They are pretty tough little creatures.”

Banning cellphones while driving DOESN’T make our roads safer, finds six-year study: “Drivers using their cellphones at the wheel does not affect the number of crashes, according to the results of a recent study. Researchers at the University of Colorado looked at more than a million accidents over six years on highways in California and found that a state ban had not reduced the number of collisions. The researchers chose a window of six months before and after the ban to eliminate other factors such as the production of safer cars, the recession and changes in other traffic laws. The results appears to contradict previous research which suggests using a phone at the wheel is as dangerous as drink-driving. University of Colorado associate economics professor Daniel Kaffine, one of the study’s authors, said: ‘If it’s really that dangerous, and if even just a fraction of people stop using their phones, we would expect to find some decrease in accidents. But we didn’t find any statistical evidence of a reduction.’

Dream cars: “A museum is set to launch an exhibit of some of the sleekest and most futuristic cars ever devised. The Dream Cars exhibit will feature 17 concept cars from the 1930s to the 21st Century and includes not just a Porsche and a Ferrari, but an outlandish bubble car, a wedge-shaped Lancia and a Batcar-style Cadillac Cyclone. The exhibition showcases what Europeans and Americans thought the cars of the future would look like. The exhibit takes place at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in Georgia, USA, and also stars the rocket-shaped Generals Motors Firebird I, the eye-catching Ferrari Pininfarina and the mouth-watering BMW Gina. Concept cars like these rarely make it to market and are purely to showcase the realms of possibility.”

Man built his own WWI German Fokker fighter plane: “If the sun is shining and the wind in the right direction, Mr Clark is likely to be taxiing out of his garage and taking off from his rural back garden cum runway at the controls of a World War I fighter plane. For £12,000 — less than the cost of a small second-hand roadster — the 62-year-old has built a replica of the celebrated Fokker Eindecker E.III. This elegant German machine — the first specifically designed single-seat fighter aircraft in aviation history — was much feared by the pilots of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service, over the skies of France and Belgium. Indeed, between July 1915 and early 1916, it became known as the ‘Fokker Scourge’. Our pilots were mere ‘Fokker Fodder’ and they fell in their scores. He enjoys tootling over the rolling countryside around his home near Horsham, West Sussex, at a cruising speed of 55mph, thanks to his 50-horsepower Hirth motor, which runs off the same fuel as his car, mixed with two-stroke oil. As it weighs just 115 kilos when empty, the Fokker is in the microlight category and is therefore not subject to the same airworthiness regulations as a regular aircraft.

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