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Odd news from around the world

Surfing sisters: “They are an impossibly good looking family who share dozens of tanned photos of themselves on Instagram every week. From their selfie-loving first appearances, the Coffey siblings are by all accounts the Kardashians of the Australian surfing world. However, unlike dark-haired American beauties Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie, the Coffeys have so far turned down all offers to star in their own reality TV series. Instead the Gold Coast family get their kicks surfing huge waves in the toughest competitions around the world – and they’ve got the photos to prove it. Professional surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey, 19, is the eldest of the sisters, then there’s Holly-Sue, 16, Ruby-Lee, 14, and Bonnie-Lou, 11. Along with their brother Jackson, 18, they have a megabuck family sponsorship from Billabong that supports their beachside globe-trotting. The Coffey’s parents sold their home in Curl Curl, north Sydney, to pursue a nomadic lifestyle but their father Jason Coffey, who is also a surfer, and mother Kym have ensured the siblings are home schooled when they are not in the ocean.”

Bizarre $499 household gadget freshens and unwrinkles one item of clothing at a time: “Realising at the last minute your favourite dress is dirty, or you don’t have a clean shirt for an important meeting could soon be a thing of the past. The Swash is a washing machine and iron in one that refreshes clothes, removes odours and flattens out wrinkles at the press of a button – and does so all in the time it takes to have a shower. Pods of liquid are sprayed directly onto the clothes, before a drier circulates air through the device, and a dirty item is ready to wear in just 10 minutes. The $499 (£292) Swash was designed by Whirlpool and P&G and is 54-inches (1.3 metres) tall and 17-inches (43cm) wide. Swash doesn’t need water, and also doesn’t need to be plumbed in, making it portable. It can be used on denim, wool, polyester, Lycra, cotton, cashmere, sequins, beading and lace. The companies claim this makes Swash ideal for a bedroom or closet – especially if people no longer need an ironing board.”

Is this the most expensive Ferrari ever? Stunning 50-year-old car that was one of only three ever made set to sell for £20million: “A 50-year-old Ferrari which is one of only three of its kind and described as one of the iconic car maker’s most important models is expected to sell for a whopping £20million. The 1965 handbuilt Ferrari, which has mainly been used as a road car even though it was designed to compete at motorsport events, can reach a top speed of 170mph. Despite it selling at auction for less than £1million in the mid-1990s, it is now expected to fetch £20million when it goes under the hammer in California next month. The stunning grey 275 GTB/C Speciale, known as 06701, was owned by an English colonel in 1970s. It is made from super-lightweight aluminium and powered by a V12 engine which develops around 300bhp. There are only two other models exactly like it, and it is thought both of those may never go onto the open market again.”

New pod hotel at Tokyo Narita Airport means you’ll never spend the night on a terminal bench again: “The days of curling up on an uncomfortable airport bench or seats is over, at Tokyo Narita Airport at least, where a new capsule hotel opens Sunday. Nine Hours, which already has a capsule hotel in Kyoto, has added to its franchise with the new addition built in a car park just a minute’s walk from the airport’s Terminal 2. Each capsule is one metre high and two metres long, with 71 designated for men and 58 for women, and ideal for travellers with an early morning flight or a substantial gap between flights. While there are a number of capsule hotels throughout Tokyo and Japan, where the first pod-style accommodation was opened in Osaka in 1979, this is a first for the airport. A stay for the full allocation of nine hours costs 3,900 Yen (£22.50), so significantly cheaper than a hotel, or visitors can rent a pod by the hour for 1,500 Yen (less than £9).”

The most bungling burglar in Britain?: “A bungling burglar was caught thieving again after dropping his prison release papers during a break-in – on the day he was freed from jail. Andrew Graham, 31, burgled a hair salon in Leicester stealing £5,500 worth of equipment and hair products and two mini iPads. But he failed to get away with his when the salon owner found Graham’s prison papers, including his own photo, that the clownish con had left behind. The salon owner turned up to work the next day to find extensive flood damage and disruption, with a sound system and electrical items strewn over the floor. Thankfully his ID papers gave the police an instant lead and he was arrested two days later. Leicester Crown Court heard that Graham, a drug addict, had 74 offences on his criminal record, and 45 were theft-related. When arrested he also tested positive for opiates. And after pleading guilty to the salon burglary on June 25, and three other attempted burglaries on the same day, he was sent back to jail for 12 months.

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