Nothing like being upfront with your customers

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Odd news from around the world

Heroic tabby Smudge comes to rescue of owner, 5, by jumping on bullies who had pushed him to the ground: “A heroic cat could win an award after rescuing his five-year-old owner from bullies who pushed him to the ground as he played with his younger brother. The moggy named Smudge pounced on the chest of one of the boys after he saw frightened Ethan Fenton being pushed to the ground outside his home in Doncaster. The boy and his friends were so shocked by the tabby cat’s actions that they ran away crying leaving Ethan and his two-year-old brother Ashton alone. Mother Sharon Fenton, 26, who witnessed the attack said: ‘I was keeping an eye on the boys who were playing football in the front garden. ‘That’s when I rushed outside and saw Smudge fly out from under our car and jump on the boy’s chest. ‘I think it was shock more than anything but the boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears and then ran off.'”

Tesla announces Model III: Musk’s next electric car will cost £30,000, be 20% smaller and have a range of 200 miles: “It’s long been known that Tesla were planning on a more affordable version of their revolutionary electric cars, and now details have been revealed of what to expect. The Model III will go on sale for around £30,000 in the UK and about $35,000 in the U.S. from 2017 according to reports, while it’ll have a range of 200 miles (320 kilometres). Details on the Model III were revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in an interview with Auto Express. The all-electric vehicle will be a compact vehicle, about 20 per cent smaller than the Model S. Its pricing will also make it more affordable to the general public.”

Demand for £217 McDonald’s wedding parties soars in Hong Kong: “Brides and grooms on a budget can now have the wedding of their dreams – for just over £200. For this bargain basement price, they’ll get venue hire, decorations, audio equipment, food, gifts and invitations. The only catch is… they’ll be getting married at McDonald’s. As unlikely as it might seem, demand for fast food nuptials is booming and McDonald’s has expanded its wedding service programme from three to 15 branches. ‘We started the programme because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating,’ a spokesperson told CNBC. ‘McDonald’s is where their love stories grew. ‘This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald’s – to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle.'”

French supermarket introduces lumpy and misshapen fruit and vegetables – sold at a 30% discount – to combat food waste: “It is well known that we eat with our eyes as well as our stomach, however one French supermarket is attempting to re-educate our perspectives on lumpy, ugly, misshapen fruit and vegetables with a new initiative. The third largest supermarket chain in France Intermarché, launched a campaign earlier this year that sought to put an end to food waste. Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables celebrates the ‘ugly’ produce that is often thrown away by growers and considered unfit for consumption. Intermarché wanted to help prevent food waste by proving to customers that unattractive fruits and vegetables are just as delicious as their pristine counterparts. The campaign by Intermarché is supported by advertising agency Marcel who, with the help of photographer Patrice de Villiers, produced seven posters starring the unattractive produce to go alongside it.

Council spends £35,000 building Britain’s most expensive bird nesting box… and it’s taken three years for inhabitants to move in: “Residents in Cambridge are furious after the city council spent £35,000 building Britain’s most expensive bird nesting box, saying that the money could have been better spent elsewhere. The colourful 33ft-high steel tower was built in 2011 as part of a plan to reverse the decline in the number of swifts – a species which sees its population fall by three per cent each year due to a loss of habitat. But the hi-tech bird box has sat empty in a field for three years, with its first feathered inhabitants only moving in this summer. The tower, which features 200 nesting boxes, was built at Logan’s Meadow nature reserve on the outskirts of Cambridge as part of a wider wetland habitat creation plan in 2011. It was commissioned by Cambridge City Council and created by London-based artist Andrew Merritt, who worked with ecologists and swift experts to combine design with a functional home for the birds.”

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