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Odd news from around the world

Scientists unveil low fat food they say tastes exactly like the real thing: “Researchers may have discovered the holy grail of dieting – low fat cake and cheese. British researcher say they have created a protein that mimics the taste and texture of fat perfectly. The proteins will enable food manufacturers to remove much of the fat used in their products without compromising on product quality. By studying the proteins’ chemical structure, the team has developed a detailed understanding of how they behave when they are heated or undergo other food manufacturing processes. This has provided the basis for modifying proteins so that they can be used as effective fat substitutes. The proteins could encourage development of a wider choice of low-fat foods, helping consumers to eat more healthily and reducing obesity. Protein-for-fat substitution is not a completely new idea, but to date it has been restricted to products such as yogurts. In cheeses and cakes it has proved less successful in ensuring the authentic taste and texture vital to consumer satisfaction, mainly because proteins could not mimic the behaviour of fats closely enough.

PAPER BAG speed-dating??: “We’ve had silent speed-dating and dating in the dark but the latest activity for singles in London is possible the quirkiest yet. It involves participants placing a paper bag over their head, and has been dubbed, ‘The thinking person’s Tinder,’ because decisions are fast but based on personality (and body) alone. The event has just debuted at the British Science Museum and, according to organisers, it’s bags of fun. Each participant wrote an amusing comment or personal fact on their bag to act as a conversation starter. Said Londoner Ian Maddison, 31: ‘It was an interesting balance to Tinder and Grindr, but also quite difficult as it’s hard to get to know someone in two minutes. ‘Your first impression does include how people look and that was denied.’

Pet terrors: “Meet Britain’s most badly behaved pets which include a pug that climbs blinds, a cat that licks milk cartons, and a Labrador that shreds any doormat in sight. Three hundred pets contended for the crown, but it was German Shepherd and Keeshond cross Yodie who was voted the naughtiest animal in a survey carried out by online blind firm Direct Blinds. Owner Laura Vitty, 25, who is a teacher from Newcastle, said her beloved pet had caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to her home. She said: ‘When I first saw the mess Yodie had made, I actually thought it was scrambled egg, but it’s the inside of cushions. ‘It was all over the entire house – I was picking up bits of cushions for hours.’ Yodie, who is a rescue dog, has a habit for shredding cushions but Miss Vitty says she loves him all the same. She said: ‘This particular cushion attack occurred when he was very bored as he had to stay indoors for three weeks on vets orders. ‘Although he has chewed and destroyed his dog bed and countless other items, he is a lovely dog and I couldn’t be without him.’

Terrified police officer shoots dead ‘aggressive’ tortoise ‘in self defence’ in Uganda : “A police officer in Uganda has reportedly shot a tortoise dead after being attacked by the ‘aggressive’ creature. The incident happened in the Nebbi district in the north of the country near the Congolese border. The officer, named as Charles Onegi, said the animal entered his home and attacked him while he was enjoying a cup of tea after his morning shift. ‘I tried to scare it but the tortoise became very aggressive,’ he told the New Vision newspaper. ‘I took a stick to chase it but it instead became more violent. ‘It then got out of the hut and moved towards the latrine as people rushed to my rescue. ‘When it came out, I reached for my gun and shot it dead. It was a very big white tortoise. As I talk now, I am still scared.’ Onesmus Mwesigwa said he thought his officer’s extreme reaction to the attack may have been down to local superstitions ‘where people think ‘somebody is after me’.”

Hospital trials roving ‘Star Wars’ robot that uses UV light to kill bacteria: “It looks uncannily like the R2-D2 robot from the Star Wars films, but in fact this roving robot is already hard at work in a Pittsburgh hospital, zapping superbugs. The robots emit ultraviolet light that penetrates and damages bacteria, including Clostridium difficile (C. diff), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), all of which are commonly referred to as ‘superbugs’ because they are highly resistant to traditional antibiotic treatments. The $67,000 machine emits UV light to penetrate through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and destroy their DNA, rendering them unable to reproduce. After a hospital environmental services employee thoroughly cleans a room with germicidal disinfectant, a trained technician wheels the robot into the room, opens all the interior doors and drawers to expose surfaces where germs could lurk, turns on and programs the robot, and leaves the room.”

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