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Odd news from around the world

Russian priest declares the World Cup is a ‘homosexual abomination’ – because of the players’ brightly coloured boots:  “A Russian Orthodox priest has found a novel way of overcoming his nation’s pain at their early exit from the World Cup.  Alexander Shumsky has denounced the tournament as a ‘homosexual abomination’, because players’ brightly coloured boots lined up bear a resemblance to the ‘gay rainbow’.  ‘Wearing pink or blue shoes, [the players] might as well wear women’s panties or a bra,’ wrote Father Shumsky in his column on Christian website Russian People’s Line.  The Moscow Times reports that Father Shumsky was also cross with the ‘unthinkable’ hairstyles worn by some of the players in Brazil.  But hilarious as it might seem to foreign eyes, it comes amid an atmosphere of extreme homophobia in Russia, where gay people have been publicly targeted by vigilantes and a law was recently passed banning ‘gay propaganda’.”

Migraine sufferer banishes crippling headaches using hi-tech headband which emits electrical pulses to the brain:  “A migraine sufferer has banished the crippling headaches which once left her sick and incapacitated for days, using a high-tech headband which emits electrical pulses to the brain.  The silver headband may look and sound like a prop form a sci-fi film. But Cefaly exists and the medical device is now available in the UK, having relieved the painful symptoms of migraine sufferers across Europe and the U.S.  The non-invasive device claims to be free of any side-effects and works by applying neurostimulation to the nerves affected by migraine attacks.  Fay Sharples, 26, from Morecambe in Lancashire, told MailOnline the device has changed her life, easing her debilitating headaches in one day, after five weeks of treatment.  Migraine sufferers are advised to wear the device for 20 minutes every day as a preventative measure or at the start of an attack to help to relieve the symptoms.”

‘Britain’s oldest tree’ is discovered in a Welsh churchyard – and it’s more than FIVE THOUSAND years old:  “A tiny village is believed to be home to Britain’s oldest tree – a yew that first took took root more than 5,000 years ago.  The majestic yew that lives in in a Welsh churchyard was 3,000 years old when Jesus Christ was born, according to tree ageing experts.  Experts have run tests on the tree in the St Cynog’s churchyard at Defynnog near Sennybridge, Powys, including DNA and ring-dating.  There are hundreds of ancient yew trees dating back at least 600 years across Britain, but the 60-foot-wide giant at St Cynog’s is believed to be the most ancient.  ‘Its DNA has been tested by the Forestry Institute and its ring count is 120 per inch which makes it [more than] 5,000 years old.’  The yew tree is a poisonous species of conifer”

Why chewing gum may be to blame for those recurring headaches: “Leaving his GP with a prescription for antidepressants, Chris Cullen feared he would never feel like himself again. For nearly two years, he’d endured dizziness and headaches, his ears felt permanently clogged, he was also exhausted, and his mood had reached rock bottom.  His GP diagnosed depression. But Chris, a project manager, wasn’t depressed. His symptoms had a distinctly physical cause – a problem with his jaw known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD).  However, GPs and dentists don’t always recognise the condition, leading to the assumption that it is psychological. Some treatments used to treat jaw pain – such as tooth extraction – can make it worse.  The condition affects one in five people at some point, say the NHS. A common cause is over-worked, inflamed muscles and ligaments around the jaw from chewing gum, or grinding teeth – often at night.”

Fancy a black burger bun, seaweed with your fries or even a McCurry? McDonald’s meals abroad:  “For unadventurous tourists abroad, a trip to Maccy D’s is usually the safe option if you don’t want to sample the local cuisine.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that McDonald’s abroad is going to be exactly the same as it is back home; in fact different countries have their own additions to the menu, designed to appeal to local tastes.  China, Taiwan and Hong Kong take the the Ying-Yang vibe to food with one burger that comes in a black bun and another that comes in a white bun.  The black burger contains a beef patty topped with onion and black pepper sauce, while the white burger has a chicken burger topped with spicy sauce and lettuce.”

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