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Odd news from around the world

Is this the worst getaway driver ever?: “This is the astonishing moment a bungling thief used his car as a battering ram to smash down a parking meter before struggling to lift the heavy machine in to the vehicle. Wesley Bristow, of Oldswinford, West Midlands, is then seen driving off with sparks flying underneath his Peugeot which is scraping the ground because of the weight of his stolen haul. The 25-year-old thief and another unidentified man were completely unaware they were being watched on CCTV cameras as they targeted the dispenser in an Asda car park in February this year. Along with his accomplice, he finally uproots the machine and the pair then struggle to fit it in to the back seat of his Peugeot. The father-of-four then speeds off in his car just as police – who had been alerted by security staff watching the CCTV cameras – arrive at the scene. Bristow led officers on a mile-long pursuit at speeds of up to 55mph before he lost control of the car, demolished a bollard and crashed into a wall.”

Tough Vicar choked thief by the throat: “A brave vicar grabbed a thug by the throat after he demanded money on his vicarage doorstep. Reverend Simon Treloar, 53, grabbed attacker Jason Haynes, 32, by the throat after the criminal, who had been released from prison just that day, tried to force his way in. The Dean of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Wrexham, North Wales, kept Haynes at arms length and forced him out of his house before calling the police. The attempted theft comes almost a year after Father Treloar thwarted an attempt to smash a bottle into his face. Neither incident has dampened his community spirit. Reverend Treloar said: ‘I am happy to keep serving the community in Wrexham for as long as my bishop wants me to. And Reverend Treloar refuses to live in fear of further attacks, saying: ‘I can’t stop living just because of a couple of idiots.’ The dean’s bravery came to light at Mold Crown Court after Haynes was jailed for a year for assault and breaching his ASBO.

Historic tennis dress sells for £15,500: “The white dress that featured in the iconic Tennis Girl poster of the 1970s sold at auction yesterday for £15,500. The handmade dress with lace trim was being worn by 18-year-old Fiona Butler when the image was captured by her then-boyfriend, Martin Elliott, on the University of Birmingham tennis courts in 1976. Fieldings Auctioneers, which offered the dress as a part of a lot that included the tennis racquet from the image and two copies of the poster, confirmed it had smashed its £2,000 estimate at the auction in Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Commercial photographer Mr Elliott, who died in 2010, sold the image licence and the photo was reprinted in the 1977 Athena poster, which sold more than two million copies. The dress was made by Ms Butler’s friend Carol Knotts, who said: ‘I’ve had it tucked away in a cupboard for all those years.”

A computerized cook? “IBM has set a culinary challenge for its multimillion-dollar supercomputer Watson, which has been programmed to tantalize taste buds. A joint initiative between the tech company and food magazine Bon Appetit is trying to come up with new recipes by blending data on ingredients. The kitchen is new territory for Watson which so far has been used to win at Jeopardy and to work on a cure for cancer. New combinations are then created by Watson, which analyzes data on the compounds in ingredients, and how frequently they are combined in different dishes. Tests so far have come up with some unusual, but delicious options such as a Bengali butternut BBQ sauce. Watson, which according to CNN cost IBM an estimated $900 million to develop, came up with the unusual combination after being asked to create an Indian sauce using butternut. The combinations have excited and surprised the Bon Appetit team, who were curious about what creations Watson would deliver.”

The five most bizarre items passengers have tried to smuggle on planes: “A turtle in a hamburger, tadpoles inside the mouth and a corpse all rank among the top five weirdest items passengers have tried to smuggle on to planes. The bizarre list, compiled by Jetcost, also reveals a man attempted to board a plane in Miami for Brazil with bags full of exotic snakes – and reptiles in his pants. Scooping first place on the list is a man identified as Mr Li who tried to board a flight to Beijing from China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in 2013. Security workers noticed ‘strange bulges’ in his luggage as it passed through X-ray machines. Upon finding a turtle hidden in a burger, Mr Li told them: ‘This is not a turtle, but just a hamburger. ‘There is nothing to see.’ Second place goes to American father who attempted to smuggle weapons and ammunition in his son’s stuffed toys – including a Mickey Mouse bear. But, after speaking to the man, he and his four-year-old son were allowed to fly to Detroit as it was deemed he posed no threat.”

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