3 uniformed Russian police officers on duty — in Yekaterinberg

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Odd news from around the world

Strange definition of summer: “For families seeking a cheap break abroad, British Airways’ offer ‘to summer in Europe’ from £39 one way seemed a real bargain. Until, that is, you read the small print which revealed that BA’s definition of ‘summer’ ran from September to December. Even then, the autumn half-term school holiday period is specifically excluded. And it’s for ‘hand-baggage’ passengers only.BA has now apologised for the adverts and pledged not to run them again… close investigation of the small print at the bottom reveals that the £39 ‘summer’ deals are limited to flights to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Nice and Malaga from September 8 to December 14. Bob Atkinson of TravelSupermarket.com said: ‘It would appear BA are creating a new definition of the word summer.’ A BA spokesman said: ‘We are sorry if some customers may have felt misled.'”

Cow doesn’t like the music: “If the crowd doesn’t like an act on stage, they may start heckling or simply walk out. But this cow seemed to take its hatred of the band one step further – by trashing the stage. The unnamed group were forced to cut their set at a Brazilian music festival short when the angry animal charged at the stage and trampled on their equipment. The group were in the middle of a song when the frontman suddenly noticed the animal running at them. They quickly leaped from the cow’s path and took cover as it began its rampage through the marquee, knocking over microphones and a drum kit. Audience members were also forced to flee following the rampage, but no one is thought to have been hurt. It then runs off into the field behind, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.”

Atheist forced to spend 18 days in a psychiatric ward after his Nigerian Muslim family declared him insane for not believing in God: “A Nigerian man was detained on a psychiatric ward for 18 days because he did not believe in God, a humanist charity has said. Mubarak Bala said he was detained and medicated at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, in Kano state, northern Nigeria, by his Muslim family after speaking openly about his religious beliefs, the International Humanist and Ethical Union has said. Mr Bala was freed on Tuesday following a strike at the hospital which also saw a number of other patients discharged, the charity said in a statement this week. The IHEU, along with other activists who had been pushing for his release, agreed not to issue the news of his release until he was in a safe location. The charity said: ‘There are still deep concerns for Mubarak’s safety in a part of the country where accusations of “apostasy” can be deadly.'”

Flying saucers were U2s: “The mysterious UFO sightings in Europe around the 1950s have been explained by (yet another) mysterious Tweet from the Central Intelligence Agency. At the time Norwegians documented what they believed were alien spacecrafts soaring across the sky. But thanks to one tweet, the CIA have explained exactly what was happening. ‘Do you remember the reports of unusual activity in the sky in the 50’s? That was us,’ the Tweet said. Attached to the tweet was a government writeup about the sightings, showing that they were actually test flights of U2 reconnaissance planes. The planes flew above 60,000 feet, which wasn’t thought possible at the time, so commercial pilots who saw something so far above them couldn’t explain it. The effect was more pronounced at different times of the day and night, and if the U2 planes caught the rays of the sun, people on the ground were able to see silvery glints of light.

British children forced to attend Hindu faith school with compulsory yoga, meditation and vegetarian lunches because of a shortage of places at state schools: “A group of Christian and Muslim parents are in revolt after they were told their children would have to attend a Hindu school that bans meat and offers regular meditation and yoga. A shortage of places in South Woodford, east London, has led to more than 20 children being placed in Avanti Court Primary School. But 11 sets of parents have declined the places, leaving their children, aged four and five, with nowhere to go this September. Liz Beck, of South Woodford, was ‘not comfortable’ with the school’s ‘strict no meat policy’ and practice of yoga and meditation, so she turned down her child’s place. She added: ‘Culturally it’s quite different and even though we don’t want to shelter our son we feel it would be difficult for him to be in that environment where it’s quite different from what we believe.'”

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